FIFE MSP Alex Rowley wants elderly and vulnerable people to be more vigilant and avoid being "ripped off" by fraudsters. 

Age Scotland said there's been a "huge increase" in scams affecting older folks with more than 400,000 in this country targeted by criminals. 

Mr Rowley said: “Anyone can fall for a scam, regardless of their age or health.

"However, older people can be at a greater risk of falling for a scam and scammers prey on increased vulnerabilities.

"This is why I am urging older people and their families to be aware of people trying to rip them off.

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“There has been a massive increase in scams involving impersonating family members over text messages and social media – and this can exploit some older people’s relative unfamiliarity with technology, as well as taking advantage of those who live alone and have limited social contact meaning they may not be able to discuss the messages with someone else to work out if they are real or not.”

He met with representatives from Age Scotland at the Scottish Parliament to discuss the issue.

“Age Scotland have excellent advice and guidance for people to look at on their website – and I would encourage older people and their families to read up on this and make sure they are aware of the ways scammers are targeting people in order to help reduce these exploitative crimes.” Mr Rowley said.