NHS FIFE's acting chief has overseen his last board meeting with new chairperson Patricia Kilpatrick set to take up the role.

After 10 months as acting chair, Alistair Morris will be stepping back into a non-executive role to make way for Ms Kilpatrick who was appointed by the Scottish Government as the board’s permanent chair in November. 

He closed his last meeting as chairman on Tuesday with words of encouragement for his fellow board members and an emotional goodbye. 

Central Fife Times:

“I’d like to say it’s been the greatest privilege in my 65 years to be acting chair of NHS Fife,” he began. 

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“This opportunity to do something to help the people of Fife has surpassed anything I’ve done in my life so far.

"No day is the same. From patients who go missing, to people trying to set fire to toilets – you name it. It’s been a broad experience.” 

He thanked both the executive and non-executive board members for their help and support during his time as acting chair. 

“I’m handing over to [Ms Kilpatrick] at a time of incredible challenge, but I have fantastic confidence in the board and in the people who work for NHS Fife to continue to make a positive impact on the citizens of Fife,” he added. 

Mr Morris was appointed acting chair of NHS Fife in April 2023. He was temporarily appointed to the role after Tricia Marwick stepped down as chair after serving the board for six years.

Ms Kilpatrick stepped into her permanent role on Thursday, February 1. 

Mr Morris assured the board that he won’t be disappearing.

He confirmed that he’ll be returning to his previous role as non-executive director when his time as acting chair expires.