PLANS for a new dog exercise facility in Cardenden have been given the green light. 

Lloyd and Pauline Clemison's application to build a dog training facility on the grounds next to Capledrae Bungalow has been successful. 

The facility will see two fully enclosed dog-run fields available on-site complete with field shelters to allow owners and their pets to enjoy off-lead exercise, training and play, an access road and parking facilities.

In a planning statement, the developers explained: "The exercise fields are suited to providing a safe and secure environment for perhaps nervous dogs who have had bad experiences with other dogs and can no longer socialise safely with others.

"Also, dogs who have a poor recall and cannot be let off lead and relied upon to come back. Users of the field will have exclusive use of it during their session so they can relax in the knowledge that their dog is safe.

"This allows the dogs to play without being disturbed and interact with their owners. The fields shown on the plan will be perfect for puppies and rescue dogs, or anyone wishing to train their dog off the lead in an enclosed area."

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Fife Council planners found that the works would not have any detrimental impact in terms of the visual amenity of the surrounding area. 

While a considerable degree of noise is to be expected, the location of the facility is considered remote. Further to this, the only noise-sensitive property in proximity to the exercise park, aside from the applicant's home, is approximately 50m from the site.

Road safety was also considered during the application process and it was found that the introduction of a new access road would be beneficial given that the current access road to the sight has limited visibility. 

In approving the application, a Council planning officer stated: "The proposal is compatible with the area in terms of land use, design and scale.

"Furthermore, no significant impacts would arise in regard to existing levels of amenity, visual impact, railway infrastructure or road safety.

"The application is therefore recommended for conditional approval."