ISSUES with flooding on Thistle Street in Cowdenbeath have returned after recent heavy rain. 

The problems that have been plaguing residents since the beginning of the year were thought to be resolved in August but wastewater has once again backed up onto the road at the Bridge Street junction. 

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Councillor Darren Watt has previously raised the issue. He told the Times: "It was following recent heavy rain that the problem resurfaced.

Central Fife Times: A sewage problem on Thistle Street in Cowdenbeath has been resolved.

"Following an investigation by Scottish Water it appears to be a blockage up the line but they'll need to use CCTV equipment to explore this before they can rectify this."

Residents and pedestrians are beginning to grow frustrated with the issue.

Cllr Watt added: "It's more out of frustration because of the delays, the roadworks and for the people of Cowdenbeath and pedestrians there is a smell and an unpleasant odour."

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Scottish Water has been investigating the cause of repeat issues at the junction of Thistle Street and Bridge Street.

"We have identified a blockage in the sewer around three metres below the ground.

"Due to the location of the blockage, we will need to erect temporary traffic lights at the junction to safely carry out the repair.

"This repair work will start on Tuesday 3rd October and our teams will be regularly tankering waste water from the sewer to reduce the impact of the blockage.

"The traffic lights will be manually operated between 7am and 7pm to reduce disruption.

"We appreciate that this has taken longer than anticipated to locate and rectify this issue and thank road users and locals for their patience.”