A LOCAL councillor would not let a puncture stop her as she helped raise nearly £1,500 for Lo'gelly Lunches in a 30-mile cycling challenge.

Cllr Rosemary Liewald and her friend Aileen Christie got on their bikes and recently pedalled around Loch Leven in the face of sweltering heat.

Rosemary told the Times: "It was scorching! But it didn't stop us, we headed around Loch Leven.

"We did our first loop no bother! It went incredibly well, the only thing was that towards the end of the cycle, I got a puncture."

Aileen volunteers for the charity based at Lochgelly Town Hall, whilst Rosemary has seen first-hand the impact it has had on local people.

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They know the impact that this vital charity has on the community and so they had no problem pushing through the heat and a puncture to deliver. 

She continued: "What was lovely was that at the end of the cycle, the volunteers from Lo'gelly Lunches met us back in the Findatie car park with a pat on the back and cheered us on.

"We're shattered; our legs are killing us and our behinds are killing us too!

"Our plan and our hope was that we would raise £1,000 and that was because I had done the Kiltwalk for the Cardenden Food Pantry in Bowhill Centre last year and we're almost up to £1,500 for Lo'gelly Lunches.

"We were flabbergasted at the amount."

Currently, the duo's fundraiser is sitting at £1,459, almost three times their original GoFundMe goal. 

And Cllr Liewald knows that it will be funds well spent.

She continued: "It will be used for Lo'gelly Lunches need it to do; which is to provide lovely, nutritious, hot food but in addition to that they provide canned goods and fresh produce that they're encouraging people to take away with them so it's really going to building up the community."