POLICE have carried out spot-checks following vandalism in the area.

From Monday and Sunday last week, officers were on patrol at Lochgelly's Public Park and the Cowdenbeath World War Memorial.

Both sites have been subjected to damage recently, with the War Memorial the centre of vandals throwing wreaths around just one day after Remembrance Sunday.

The youth shelter in Lochgelly's Public Park has been labelled as a "drinking den" by fed-up locals who have grown tired of anti-social behaviour at the site, which has led to a petition calling for its removal. Another petition, arguing that it should be retained, was also created.

Officers also walked the streets of Kelty, but no anti-social behaviour was reported in the town, or at the War Memorial or Public Park.

However, officers in the Cowdenbeath area recorded 22 anti-social behaviour calls over the course of last week (November 15-21). A total of 13 calls were made in the Ward 7 (Cowdenbeath) area, with nine made in the Ward 8 (Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty) area.