WREATHS placed to remember those who sacrificed their lives in war have been 'hurled' around at Cowdenbeath's World War 1 Memorial just one day after Remembrance Sunday.

In a vile act, mindless vandals decided to throw the poppy wreaths around, abuse local residents and urinate in nearby gardens in a spate of anti-social behaviour on Monday.

Although the wreaths are now back in place and appear intact, the shocking actions of those responsible have been lamented by locals.

Cowdenbeath councillor Darren Watt described the behaviour as "absolutely sickening".

In a social media post, he said: "I have just received a couple of messages regarding further destructive behaviour and targeted harassment at the town's WW1 Memorial.

"I'm told the poppy wreaths were hurled about, neighbouring residents verbally abused and others disgusting acts, including urinating in nearby gardens.

"It is absolutely sickening to hear of such outrageous behaviour the day after Remembrance Sunday.

"It is clear that those responsible have no respect what so ever for our fallen heroes or for the community in which we live.

"Local people have quite rightly had enough and every option must be explored to end the continuous spate of anti social behaviour we are witnessing at the memorial and throughout the town.

"Thankfully, upon visiting all appears fine and the wreaths are intact and respectfully displayed once again.

"If anyone has any information that could help police with enquiries, please call them directly on 101 or email/message me in confidence."

The vandalism on Monday is not an isolated incident.

The Times has told you on several occasions this year that the WW1 Memorial has attracted anti-social behaviour.

There was widespread anger and upset in April as images surfaced showing wreaths broken and scattered at the site.

Police officers in Cowdenbeath had questioned whether parents knew where their children were at the time of the incident, adding that they were following lines of enquiry into the incident. Four young people were later arrested and charged in relation to the offence.

Further damage was caused just last month as wheelie bins were taken to the memorial and set alight. Post-fire photos show charred pieces of the bins used at the base of the monument.