IT was another dry stock car meeting at the Cowdenbeath Racewall, on Saturday night, resulting in some fast and furious racing,

There were hat tricks for Adelle Walmsley, in the Junior Bangers, and for Brian Youngson in the 2 Litre Bangers, writes our Racewall reporter Jim Turner.

Sean McConnachie tried to improve his place in one of the Banger heats, when he tried to overtake the car in front, but unfortunately, he was all but on his side as his car rode over the side of the car ahead.

The Saloon drivers were again in good form. The drivers have a busy couple of months ahead of them, before their World Championship with the UK, the European and British Championships to be decided prior to the seeded grid being formed.

Amongst those in action were Ian Low and Rian Mitchell in another twenty car field. The race turned out to be a chaotic one with a false start, but when it did start Dylan Chisholm went into the lead, followed by Taylor Borthwick.

Action at Cowdenbeath Racewall.Action at Cowdenbeath Racewall. (Image: Contributed)

It stayed that way until late on when Andrew Mathieson spun and was collected by Mitchell. Later Borthwick was spun on the top bend and collected by the pack.

This left Chisholm clear and whilst he went on to win, he was penalised for a jumped start. This handed the win to Declan Honeyman, who had somehow squeezed through a gap to win from Jordan Cassie and then the penalised Chisholm.

Despite the shunt in heat one, only Borthwick failed to appear with Chisholm beating Mitchell away at the start to heat two, but on the opening lap Paterson was spun, delaying Graeme Shevill and Holly Glen.

On lap four Stuart Adsley took the lead with Chisholm coming under pressure from the Gilmour brothers, Zak and Kai. Adsley though was pulling away, going on to win from Andrew Mathieson with K. Gilmour being sent spinning across the finish line by brother Zak, but still holding onto third place.

There was a liberal coating of oil on the track from the Banger Final, as the Saloons appeared for their Final. Chisholm got the better of Kalim Bryson when the green flag dropped, whilst Adsley appearing in third with all cars making it around the opening lap.

Action at Cowdenbeath Racewall.Action at Cowdenbeath Racewall. (Image: Contributed)

Chisholm led, but Bryson came under pressure from Adsley and they soon swapped places. Z. Gilmour was beginning to close in on the leading group of cars and once he caught them made light work of moving into second place.

Just after the half distance Z. Gilmour took the lead, with Marc Honeyman appearing in third place although he was soon to be spun. Adsley dropped from second place and lost a few places before he got onto the racing line.

Z. Gilmour went on to win from Shevill and Paterson, but as they crossed the line Logan Bruce and Ian Low tangled and crashed out.

The Prostock Basics were back, with Taylor Osborne, Lesley Lonie and Amy Easton on the grid, Zoe Stewart led the field away, when the opening heat started, but as the race progressed, the lead she had built up slowly disappeared.

Then as she was laying a back marker, the cars touched, and she bounced off the wall and in a flash Joanne Hilditch, Kai Chisholm, Lesley Lonie, Mark Blackie Jnr and John Galloway were caught up. In the confusion Colin Ogilvie moved from seventh, into the lead. The race was suspended but the last few laps were close with Ogilvie just holding off Liam Boyle to win with James Paton third.

A depleted heat two was led off by John Paton, from Osborne, but as the race progressed, they were to be joined by Boyle, Lauren Ford and Hilditch, with Ogilvie soon to join in. Eventually Boyle drove around the outside onto the lead to win from Ogilvie and Ford.

Osborne led the cars away when the final started, with Ford chasing, whilst Hilditch was the lad red grade driver. As the race progressed Ogilvie managed to get through into third, then began to reel in the leading cars.

He got ahead of Ford and then with only a couple of laps to go dived inside of Osborne to lead and went on to win. Osborne held on to second with Boyle claiming third place.

The Hot Saloons were down from Crimond, and they produced three fast races. Kevin Gordon went straight into the lead and was still clear at the finish. Mark Ritchie held second spot but John Buchan made light work of making his way through the field to finish third.

Ritchie led for most of heat two but towards the close his car started to misfire and on the last lap he was caught and passed by Jamie Richardson and Buchan, with Ritchie just making it home in third.

Ritchie was the first to show when the final heat started and soon eased away from Ewan Maitland. As the race wore-on there was a five car dice for second with Richardson finally finding the line to move into second. Ritchie then went on to win from Richardson and Graham Smith.

The Banger drivers were in good form, with Ryan Martin leading the cars away from Brian Youngson but then was spun. Ryan Scott spun and the restarted. Callum Campbell spun then was collected by Dayle Linton and Ryan Thompson, leaving the Campbell car stranded on the tyres. Then Sean and Douglas McConnachie ganged up on Liam Glendinning with S. McConnachie perched on two wheels.

In the end Youngson went through to win from Kai Newby and D. McConnachie. Heat two lasted only a couple of laps and when Liam Glendinning crashed the race was suspended. Youngson then moved into the lead and despite a puncture towards the end of the race went on to win from Newby and Dominic Rogan.

Newby was the first to show when the final started but early on Glendinning spun. Youngson was catching Newby and was to send him spinning as he went on to make it three wins on the trot. Newby was the runner-up from Rogan, in third.

The Junior Banger drivers were in good form, but their races were dominated by Adelle Walmsley. Marley Montgomery was an early spinner but restarted down the order and then crashed out with Barry Calvert on the pit bend. In the end Walmsley won by a good margin from Luke Simpson and Cole Ramsay.

Heat two was only a few laps old when Montgomery was spun and with the car facing the oncoming traffic the race was suspended.

Thompson was the lead car and he led from Ella Calvert, but making steady progress was Walmsley. She quickly caught Thompson, nudged him out of the road and on to her second win of the night. Scott Ramsay was the runner-up with Finlay McBurnie in third place.

A three car shunt involving Montgomery, Cole Ramsay and B. Calvert brought the final into suspension. Thompson led the field away on the restart but was to be sent spinning as Walmsley took the lead.

There was late drams as the Ramsay brothers ganged up on E. Calvert only for C. Ramsay to spin. Walmsley went on to make it a hat trick of wins and she was followed home by Scott Ramsay and McBurnie.

This Saturday is the last at the Racewall prior to the mid- season break. Racing are the BriSCA Formula IIs, the ORCi Stock Rods, Prostock and Micro F2s. The meeting starts at 6pm.