IT was a warm and sunny Saturday evening at the Cowdenbeath Racewall where the Banger Caravan race was the major event, although only attracting four caravans, writes Jim Turner.

The caravans had been stripped down at the track with only the bare shells making it onto the track.

There was a lap of honour for Dave and Linda Borthwick, who were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, and there were little to no mishaps in practice, although there were one or two brushes with the wall, which was mainly down to adjusting the cars' handling.

Only three caravan banger drivers made it on to the track, it was the last race of the night, with Sean McConnachie not only pulling his caravan, but that of Fraser Combe, whose car had packed up in an earlier race.

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Dayle Linton and Jamie Sangster were the others to appear, with the latter using the James Slater caravan – he was also a casualty in an earlier banger race.

After a few initial problems with the McConnachie car, the race started with Dylan Linton taking the lead but, even as they got up to speed, the caravans were bouncing about with bits falling off.

Then it all kicked off with McConnachie and Linton tangling on the main straight and, in a flash, three caravans disintegrated, leaving their remains at the side of the track.

Both drivers restarted with just a trailer in tack. Sangster was cruising round slowly but then he came under attack on the back straight as first McConnachie, then Linton, drove into his caravan, as well as his car.

McConnachie lost his trailer and retired before Linton finished off the Sangster combo on the back straight. There were bits of caravan littered around the track, and as soon as the cars were off the track, the staff set to work in a clearing-up operation.

The Saloon drivers were again in good form with 22 cars racing in another double points meeting.

The drivers were having their last chance to set up their cars for next week’s Scottish Championship, with Ross Watters the defending champion.

Amongst those at the track were Watters and Kalin Bryson, who had the ex-Atherton car. The new gradings had come into play at the beginning of the month and amongst the changes were Barry Glen, who moved from yellow grade to red, whilst Gary Paterson and Holly Glen moved up to the blue grade.

Dylan Chisholm got the proceedings underway and led the opening heat from Derek Taylor and Bryson. Dale Robertson moved into fourth, but making progress were the Gilmour brothers, Kai and Zak. Stuart Shevill Jnr was another on the move, now starting from the red grade, and he soon appeared in the top 10.

Chisholm led until three laps from the end when the Gilmours relegated him to third, and was then reeled in by Shevill Junior. On the run up to the chequer, Zak got the better of the run-up to the finish line to pip Kai, with Shevill Junior finishing third.

When heat two started it was Chisholm who again was the early leader, whilst Taylor was sent into a spin.

Chisholm was slowly being caught by Robertson and, just before half distance, the lead changed hands. Stevie Honeyman spun, after tangling with Gary Paterson, with Chisholm and then Kyle Cotterell also spinning.

However, when Cotterell was clipped, the race was suspended. The field then lined up behind Robertson, who made a good restart to open up a slight gap over Kai Gilmour, and that is how they crossed the finish line. Zak Gilmour forced his way ahead of Derek Duff to claim third place.

The Saloon Final was another high-speed exciting race, with Chisholm leading, whilst Bryson was sent spinning at the end of the opening lap.

Tam Rutherford Junior moved into second but a couple of laps later lost out to Robertson. Zak Gilmour spun, and then Kai Gilmour bounced off the wall and stopped.

Shevill Junior had been making progress and appeared in second, and began to catch the leader. Paterson and Honeyman were dicing and bouncing each other off the wall but, after one bounce too many, Paterson had to retire his car. Shevill Junior then caught Chisholm on the closing laps to win from Chisholm and Duff.

Lesley Lonie was making her Prostock Basic debut, in what was a decent turn out of cars.

The newcomer led the field away when the opening heat started, but on lap two, Mark Blackie was ahead and he went on to record an easy win on his first Racewall appearance of the season.

Liam Boyle was making progress through the field with Colin Ogilvie in tow. Boyle got ahead of Gail Paton to finish as the runner-up, with Paton fending off Ogilvie for third.

Lonie again got heat two underway but lost out to Blackie. The latter led until the closing stages, when Charley Heeps forged ahead, but had Joanne Hilditch in close order.

Heeps held on to win from Hilditch, with Ogilvie just grabbing third with the pack on his tail as they crossed the finish line.

Lonie led for the opening lap when the final started, but again lost out to Blackie, who then had Kai Chisholm to contend with Towards the close Chisholm led, but there was a stoppage with debris on the track, and he was to be caught by Hilditch, who went through to win from Chisholm and Boyle. Both John Galloway and Heeps had brushes with the wall on the last lap, but both finished.

The Prostock drivers were in good form with the track points leader, Paul Barron, proving to be the driver to beat.

Chris Mack was the early leader from Grady Ross, but when Scott Gardner was spun, he was collected by Dougie Kidd.

Gardner restarted a lap down and, towards the end of the heat, Barron took the lead and went on to win from Ross and Mack.

Mack was the leader when heat two started but, a few laps in, Kidd slowed to retire.

Barron was making progress through the field, and moved ahead with three laps to go to win from Ross and Mack. He then proceeded to open the portion of chips he had received just before the race started and ate a few before going on his lap of honour!

Mack again led the final but was to lose the lead to Ross. However, there was to be no stopping Barron, who made light work of getting through into the lead. Once there, he went through to win from Kidd and Gregor Whyte.

There weren't too many Unlimited Banger drivers about, but six turned up, with James Slater soon retiring in a cloud of smoke.

Sean McConnachie led from Cameron Innes only to be sent spinning, and this left Brian Youngson in the lead, in a borrowed car. He went on to win from Jamie Sangster.

Innes led heat two, from start to finish, to win from McConnachie and Youngson.

McConnachie was the initial leader when the final started, only to be sent spinning by Innes. Innes then went on to win from Youngson and McConnachie.

This Saturday is going to be hectic affair, with the Saloon Scottish Championship the feature race. Last season, Ross Watters managed to make a break when an early shunt delayed the pack, and he went on to an easy win. Will he repeat his win or will he be an early casualty this year?

Also racing will be Ian McLaughlin, who won in 2018 and 2019, and Stuart Shevill Junior, who dominated the race winning it four times in succession from 2011 to 2014.

Backing the Saloons will be the ORCi Stock Rods and Ministox, whilst the Classic Hot Rods have their first Racewall outing. The meeting starts at 6pm.

Meanwhile, at Skegness on Sunday afternoon, Cowdenbeath's Michael Bethune won the UK Open ORCI Stock Rod Championship, where he led home James Gray from Bo'ness.