THE Cowdenbeath Independent Supporters Society (CISS) have made an historic five-figure investment that has "humbled" the club.

In what is the first sum of money they have provided to the Blue Brazil, the organisation have handed over £15,000 to boost their coffers.

"We are really delighted to receive this investment, not least bearing in mind the budgetary pressures facing the club with residual SPFL funding now largely gone," a spokesperson for the club said.

“Indeed, we are humbled by the ongoing commitment and assistance that our supporters continue to provide to the club.

"Both parties, we are sure, view this as potentially the beginning of a new era at Central Park – the first milestone passed in a prospective transition process."

The investment followed on from the CISS AGM, which was held at Central Park last Thursday, where members were updated on the progress made so far.

The accounts for the initial operating period of the society were approved by the membership, and they then formally elected the first board of directors of the CISS.

This allowed the members of the original steering committee to step down, after delivering all the agreed objectives in the start-up phase.

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The new CISS board comprises John Jones (chairperson), David Henderson (secretary), Ross Cameron, Steven Ferguson, Gordon Anderson and Aaron Dougan.

In 2023, the CISS was founded, with its key aim being initially to acquire a 20 per-cent shareholding in Cowdenbeath FC, gifted by the club’s principal shareholder, in return for a year one donation of £30,000 to Cowdenbeath FC by May 31 2024.

This would additionally entitle the CISS to nominate two candidates to become directors of the football club.

Thereafter, annual donations would continue, with the ultimate intention being that Cowdenbeath Football Club, in time, could potentially become a fan owned football club.

However, after a little bit of a time lag in getting the CISS fully up-and-running - not unusual, or unexpected, given administrative aspects to be addressed - a variation was mutually agreed whereby if £15,000 was subscribed to the football club before May 31, one director should then join the Cowdenbeath board of directors, with a 10 per cent shareholding also transferred to the CISS.

A further two month grace period then would follow up, until July 31, to allow for a second tranche donation of £15,000. The second director would then be appointed to the football club board, and the CISS shareholding would increase to 20 per cent.

The CISS nominated directors would be full board members, on a par with the club’s existing directors.

Following their initial investment, arrangements are now being put in place in relation to the share transfer and nomination of a director by the society, who are asking for Cowden fans to play a part in building on what they have achieved so far by joining them.

The CISS board said in their statement: “We also now have many ex-players in place as CISS ambassadors, with former promotion winning captain, Neil Irvine, as our honorary president.

“They are actively involved in aiding the CISS to deliver on its objectives. Our next goal is the second phase investment in the club by July 31 to unlock the further 10 per cent shareholding and second club directorship.

“We therefore urge all those with Cowdenbeath FC in their hearts to join the CISS now – let’s build that momentum and build the future today”.