TAYLOR OSBORNE was in top form to win her first-ever Prostock Basic races on an exciting night of racing at Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday, writes Jim Turner.

On a dry and fast track, there was plenty of drama, which saw Osborne enjoy winning her maiden race so much that she went on to take heat two as well.

There were returns to racing for Caitlin Cefferty and Zoe Stewart, whilst Amy Easton made her first outing of the year. Their races were dominated by the girls, with Osborne winning two, and Joanne Hilditch the final.

Osborne led the field away, whilst being chased from behind by Lauren Ford and Kai Chisholm, but maintained her advantage from start to finish to record her first win, ahead of Ford and Liam Boyle.

When heat two started, Osborne once more led the field away, with Ford and Hilditch squabbling over second.

Behind them Boyle, Chisholm and Colin Ogilvie were running nose to tail, but Osborne carried on to win her second race of the night from Hilditch and Ford.

Ford was the early final leader, but had Hilditch in close order, and they diced for a good number of laps, sometimes running side by side.

Eventually, Hilditch had taken the lead, but by then Ogilvie had caught them and, when Hilditch managed to open a slight gap, Ogilvie slipped into second.

Hilditch then reeled off the remaining laps to win from Ogilvie and Ford.

Amongst those racing in the Saloons was Killian Brokken, from the Netherlands, whilst Scott Allardyce was having another outing, and it started off in style.

Dylan Chisholm led from Allardyce and it remained that way until the latter was sent spinning, suspending the race.

On the restart, Chisholm had Barry Glen on his back bumper, but a nudge from Gary Paterson sent both spinning, which allowed Kai Gilmour to take the lead.

Despite a last bend challenge from Stuart Shevill Junior, Gilmour held on to win, with Paterson placing third.

Heat two continued in the same vein with Allardyce leading, but after three laps it was Paterson who moved ahead, with Stevie Honeyman moving into second, running just ahead of Gilmour and Glen.

However, it then all went wrong with a three-car shunt and, as they restarted, Paterson was delayed and Honeyman led.

With one lap remaining, the yellows appeared and the cars lined up behind Honeyman for the last lap shoot out, and when the green flag dropped, Honeyman managed to open up a slight gap to go through to win from Declan Honeyman and Shevill Junior.

When the finalstarted, Chisholm went straight into the lead from Allardyce, but Glen was leading the early charge, although he had Paterson in close order. As they reeled in the leaders, it was Paterson who came out on top, but then Glen was spun.

Gilmour then took up the chase, with Ian McLaughlin and Shevill Junior running in close order, before Derek Taylor and Jay Carruthers tangled on the main straight, followed by Allardyce spinning exiting the pit bend, which saw his car stop.

The race was suspended and the cars lined up behind Paterson, and whilst he got away well, he was soon swamped with Shevill Junior taking the lead, which he held for the remainder, winning ahead of Declan and Stevie Honeyman.

The ORCi Stock Rods welcomed James Horwell and Callum Hosie to their ranks, with the visitors no doubt getting extra practice for September's World Championship, and it was Aaron Forgie led the cars away when heat one started.

However, after a couple of laps, Stuart Wedderburn moved ahead, although chased by Aiden McKinnon, before James Gray was in a shunt, resulting in his car bouncing off the tyres, suspending the race.

The field lined up behind Wedderburn but he was to lose the lead to McKinnon, however, during the closing stages they touched, resulting in the McKinnon car spinning.

Whilst Wedderburn was first home, he was penalised for contact, thus handing the win to Jamie Dawson, who had fought off a three car dice to win. Cammy Doak was the runner-up ahead of the penalised Wedderburn.

Forgie led the field away when heat two got underway, with Chris Chance and Wedderburn leading the chase, and the latter moved into second after a few laps and began to close.

Michael Bethune was leading the chase from the rear of the grid, and made up a lot of ground, but was still adrift as Wedderburn won, with Forgie third, in a race that saw David Dignan clipped and end up out of the race with Dawson.

White grader Forgie led the cars away when the final started but had Wedderburn and McKinnon chasing, whilst Bethune was black crossed for contact as he got ahead of Doak.

At half distance Wedderburn took the lead, but couldn't shake-off the attentions of McKinnon, but by now they were joined by Bethune.

He and McKinnon clashed and with the latter's car across the track, leading to the suspension of the race, before Wedderburn won the last lap shoot-out to win from Doak and Bethune, in what had been a fast and exciting race.

The Micro F2 drivers have been in good form to date and there has been some exciting racing between Corey Mathers, Bobbie Smith, Oakley Grief and Rhys Walker.

The opening heat was suspended after a couple of laps when Harry Yule spun and, whilst a few cars, in close order, managed to miss his stricken car, Elliott Royal ploughed into him.

On the restart, Amber Watson led but was to lose out to Mathers and, whilst he was first home, was penalised two places for contact. On the last bend, Walker just got the better of Grief to win, with Mathers dropping to third.

Evah Adsley led the cars away when heat two started and she led the field for two thirds of the race before she lost out to Walker then Mathers, who finished in thar order, with Adsley third.

Watson was the early final leader but, at end of lap one, the race was stopped with debris on the track. Watson led initially but lost out to Lewis McFarlane.

Next time around Walker led but there was another stoppage after Grief and Middler crashed out. Walker led on the restart and, despite Mathers closing, held on to make it a hat trick of wins with Smith third. Driver of the day went to Watson.

The next meeting at the Racewall is on Sunday where the BriSCA Formula II drivers return along with the all action Ministox drivers, and making their trip north are the senior and junior StoxKart drivers. The meeting starts at 1pm.

Meanwhile, Gordon Moodie (Windygates) was racing at King’s Lynn, Norfolk, where he was defending his Formula II British Championship on one of the shale tracks.

The drivers raced three times out of seven heats, with Moodie starting off with a fifth place in heat two, before claiming an 11th place in heat four, and a win in heat six.

The final was fast and whilst Greg McKenzie went on to win, Moodie ended up as the runner-up.