IT was a warm and sunny Saturday evening at the Cowdenbeath Racewall, and on a dry track the stock car drivers served up some fast and exciting action.

Amongst the visitors were Max Starr, from Devon, having his first Racewall outing in his Micro F2.

The Formula IIs were racing in their 1,000th GMP meeting, at the Racewall, since GMP started in 1989.

On the night there were hat-trick wins for Sam Forster in his Micro F2 and for Barry Glen in his Saloon.

The main race of the night was the Keir Millar Memorial Trophy and that attracted some 30 cars.

The cars were lined up in a graded draw after their parade lap, and when the race started Nicole Allardyce went into the lead, only for Caitlin Mitchell to be spun on the pit bend.

A couple of laps later the race was halted, after Caiden Abernethy was sent wide, with his car coming to rest against the wall on the main straight. Rubens Millar was the new leader and he led from Shaun Boyle, but within two laps Hamish Plenderleith had caught them and made short work of taking the lead.

Once there he eased away but soon, he had Charlie Hardie looming in his mirrors. There was a five-car dice going on for fourth with Millar just managing to keep ahead. As the laps dwindled the gap between the leading cars closed but Plenderleith just held on to win from Hardie and it was Charlie Burgoyne who crossed the line in third.

Central Fife Times: Hamish Plenderleith is presented with the Keir Millar Trophy.Hamish Plenderleith is presented with the Keir Millar Trophy. (Image: Contributed)

The Millar family were on hand for the trophy presentation and they all received warm applause on the victory lap after what had been an exciting race.

Allardyce led the cars away at the start to heat two but there was a crash at the exit to the turnstile bend and amongst those caught up were Bobby Brandon, Plenderleith, Abernethy and Kyle Rogerson. Finlay Gemmell led the cars away and was soon clear of the pack but when Ross McLaughlin was spun the race was again suspended. Gemmell again had the pack on his boot as he led the field away but Millar was in close order whilst Hardie appeared in third. Hardie picked them off one by one to win.

Allardyce led from Aiden Davidson when the final started but they had Gemmell leading the chase. He lost out to R. Millar but he was then promptly spun as Gemmell took the lead only to be greeted by a race suspension. Although Gemmell led on the restart he lost out to Plenderleith who went on to win his second race of the night.

The Formula II opening heat saw Cameron McDonald lead the field away but after a couple of laps Brian Hogg Jnr was ahead and opened up a gap. Colin Stewart and George MacMillan Jnr were running nose to tail, but slowly were being reeled in by the Burgoyne brothers. With only a handful of laps remaining MacMillan Jnr forged ahead to win.

Whilst McDonald led at the start to heat two, by the end of the lap Hogg Jnr was ahead but ominously MacMillan Jnr quickly moved into second. McMillan then went ahead but the Burgoyne brothers soon moved into second and third but were struggling to close the gap. In the end MacMillan Jnr went through to win his second race of the night leading home Chris then Steven Burgoyne.

McDonald led the cars away in the Final but quickly lost out to Hogg Jnr. Stewart was leading the chase with MacMillan Jnr in tow. C. Burgoyne made good use of his front row start from the red grade and was soon closing the gap.

C. Burgoyne got ahead of MacMillan Jnr as Stewart took the lead. His time there was brief with C. Burgoyne almost immediately taking the lead. Once there he went on to win from MacMillan Jnr and Stewart.

Stuart Shevill Jnr was back in action in the Saloons with another engine under the bonnet after his other unit blew up last week. Also back in action was Derek Duff and Kes Watson.

Nicole Russell led the pack away but she soon lost out to Holly then Barry Glen. Andrew Mathieson then was tee-boned by N. Russell, but no sooner had he restarted than he was clipped and hit the wall suspending the race. B. Glen then took the lead from his sister and began to pull away with Stevie Honeyman leading the chase, closely followed by Kai Gilmour.

Shevill Jnr was on a charge and he was soon through into the top five. As the laps began to close down Shevill Jnr had a good run and moved into second, but was adrift of B. Glen at the line. S. Honeyman just fended off a late challenge from Gilmour to claim third.

Dylan Chisholm led the field away at the start to heat two but had H. Glen and Gary Paterson chasing. By the time he was caught it was B. Glen who took over the lead.

Chisholm held second, but then dropped away. Barry Russell was edged wide and dropped places before restarting. B. Glen went on to win his second race of the night with Gary Paterson second and Stevie Honeyman third.

Chisholm got a violent Saloon final underway, but when he went into the pit bend too hard Paterson and a group of yellow graders followed through. Paterson now had B. Glen behind but when Jordan Cassie was sent crashing into the turnstile bend wall the race was suspended. Paterson made a good restart but the race was again suspended after a four car shunt on the turnstile bend as H. Glen was sent spinning.

Paterson again led the field away but couldn't shake off B. Glen. Shevill Jnr went for a wild ride around the wall, but carried on with a little help from Paterson. With three laps remaining B. Glen forced his way into the lead and on to his third win of the night from S. Honeyman and Shevill Jnr.

The Micro F2s were in good form with Corey Mathers and Oakley Grief the drivers to beat. The first race was suspended after Harry Yule and Rhys Walker tangled on the pit bend.

On the restart Sam Forster took the lead before going through to win from Evah Adsley and Corey Mathers. Heat two was suspended after Emily Forster spun exiting the back straight and hit the kerb.

Once the race restarted Walker led but lost out to S. Forster. The dice for the lead turned out to be hectic but S. Forster just fended off the attentions of Mathers to win, with Walker in third.

The final saw Lewis McFarlane lead the field away but was to lose out to S. Forster who went on to make it three wins in a row. Mathers ended up as the runner-up with Adsley third whilst Jaxson Watters was the driver of the meeting.

This Saturday the Saloons and Micro F2 drivers return to the scene, but this time they are backed by the ORCi Stock Rods and the Prostock Basics with the meeting starting at 6pm as usual.