IT was with great sadness that the Cowdenbeath Racewall family were informed of the sudden death of Barry Jones at the weekend, writes our Racewall reporter Jim Turner.

Jones raced Saloons, along with his father Bob, and was a popular figure at the Racewall. We offer our condolences to Jacqueline, his wife, and family; his father Bob and brothers Craig and Scott, and their families, at this sad time.

The first of the two Scottish World Championship qualifying rounds was held at Crimond Raceway, on Saturday.

Amongst the visitors were Tom Bennett, Jamie Jones, Rob Pearce, Jack Bunter, and Rebecca Smith. World champion Gordon Moodie led the home challenge, ably supported by Chris and Steven Burgoyne, John Hogg, Craig Wallace, Graham Kelly and Robbie Dawson - although the latter duo only raced at Crimond.

At Crimond the opening heat was won by David Shearing, who led home Shane Hector and Moodie.

Heat two went to George MacMillan Jnr, who took the lead early on before going through to a comfortable win from local drivers Jason McDonald and Colin Stewart, with McDonald just getting into second on the last lap.

Jake Woodhull won the consolation heat, leading from start to finish and winning from Jamie Avery and Jones.

Once the grid was formed for the final it was Woodhall who led but there was a stoppage when Smith and McDonald tangled. Shearing then took the lead but lost out to MacMillan Jnr, but there was another stoppage when Hector visited the tyres.

Although MacMillan Jnr led, he was to lose out to Moodie who went through to win from MacMillan Jnr and Shearing. MacMillan Jnr rounded off an exciting afternoon of Formula II racing when he won the Grand National from Shearing and Luke Wrench.

There was another good turn out of Formula IIs at the Racewall, on a bright but blowy Sunday afternoon. The practice session saw Smith and Vaight collect the wall, whilst Moodie had to change his diff. Spare a thought for Smith, who got her car repaired in time for the consolation race only to be sent crashing into the turnstile bend wall during the opening laps.

The first heat was won by Lewis Burgoyne who led home McGill and Wallace, with Burgoyne also being presented with the third-place trophy from last season's Novice of the Year.

Heat two was suspended when an oil slick caught out the pack and there was a multiple pile up on the turnstile bend. On the restart Woodhull led but lost out to MacMillan Jnr who won from C. Burgoyne and Moodie.

Smith was back out for the consolation heat, after spending time repairing her car, but her time on track didn't last long, and after receiving a help crashed into the top bend wall suspending the race.

Although Leckie led on the restart he lost out to Steven Burgoyne and had to settle for second with Bunter third. And just at that the rain started!

A four car shunt suspended the Final on the opening lap. The grid reformed minus McDonald and L. Burgoyne. The restart was brief with Rennie and C. Burgoyne tangling and then joined by Stuart Moss. McGill ended up against the infield Armco whilst Watt stopped against the wall.

Woodhull led, but lost the lead to S. Burgoyne who soon began to ease away. Leckie moved into second whilst Moodie appeared in third a few laps later.

S. Burgoyne then went on to win the Jim Clark Trophy with Moodie snatching second on the last lap with Leckie in third. Members of the Jim Clark Trust were on hand to present the trophies and received a warm round of applause on the victory lap.

The Grand National was won by MacMillan Jnr from McGill and Wallace, with S. Burgoyne finishing in eighth place despite having to start with a lap handicap.

The ORCi Stock Rods were in good form, with some close racing, with Derek Conner the top points scorer.

The opening heat had a couple of early leaders, but once Dylan Smart hit the front he went on to win from Michael Bethune and Derek Conner.

Heat two went to Conner who had to get the better of Osborne to win, with Cameron Doak in third. Conner went on to win the meeting Final from Bethune and long-time leader Osborne.

The Prostock drivers were having their first outing of the season, at the Racewall, and there was no shortage of action with Paul Barron spinning Grady Ross in all three races.

Whilst Jamie Doyle led heat one initially, it was Owen Bonner who went through to win from Paul Barron who sent Grady Ross wide on the last bend. Ross recovered to take third but only just.

Ian Christie then won heat two from Bonner and Barron, but Bonner cruised to an easy final win after catching early leader Leslie Paterson. Barron sent Ross spinning with Lewis Gilchrist second, and third was Christie.

The opening Micro F2 heat was won by Rhys Walker, from Oakley Grief and Corey Mathers. Mathers then won heat two from Walker with Naomi Bain third. Grief then won the final from Walker and Mathers, with Emily Forster the driver of the day.

This Saturday it is back to an evening meeting where the Saloons return to the scene and are backed by the ORCi Stock Rods, the Prostock Basics and the Micro F2s. As usual the meeting starts at 6pm.