THE weather actually stayed dry for the Easter meeting at the Cowdenbeath Racewall, on Saturday evening, writes our Racewall scribe Jim Turner, although it was slightly chilly.

It is just over 70 years since the first organised meeting at Cross in Hand and Easter is a busy time for some drivers where they can pick up at least five meetings over the weekend! 

There were Formula II World Championship qualifying rounds, at St Day on Friday and Bristol on Monday, whilst Skegness, Crimond, Bradford, Buxton and Taunton also hosted meetings.

In practice Colin Ogilvie and Ronnie Ford tangled, resulting in the Ogilvie team spending time working on his car.

Both Ian McLaughlin and Ross Watters had their cars at the track, with Watters setting off for meetings down south, after his son Jaxson had finished his Micro F2 races.

Amongst those in action in the Formula IIs was Cammy McDonald, whilst Kyle Taylor was back up. With a number of home drivers south of the border, the numbers were down on the norm.

Taylor got the proceedings underway, but he couldn't keep a sprightly Ryan McGill at bay and the latter was soon leading with Reece McIntosh moving into second, but McGill held onto win from Craig Wallace and McIntosh. Taylor was again the early leader when heat two started, but this time it was Peter Watt who led the chase closely followed by McIntosh. Wallace was making progress but Watt went on to win from McIntosh with Wallace finishing in third.

McDonald spun as the Final started and when he restarted the pack were on his tail, but somehow managed to miss him. Taylor led but was being chased by McIntosh who had Watt, Paul Reid and McGill on close order. Wallace had made a good start and was soon picking off those ahead lap by lap. Just after the half distance Wallace took the lead with McIntosh and Hogg chasing.

Central Fife Times: Jaxson Watters getting up plenty of pace at Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night.Jaxson Watters getting up plenty of pace at Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night. (Image: Contributed)

Howie got ahead of Reid as McGill retired. Wallace by now was well clear and he went on to win his second final win in successive weeks with Hogg claiming second.

The Prostock Basics had Martin Duncan, James Paton and Charley Heeps back in action.
Paton was the initial leader but was soon joined at the front by Kai Chisholm. 

The latter moved ahead, but over the closing stages was being reeled in by Liam Boyle. On the last laps the cars were nose to tail, Charley Heeps spun in front of the leaders but Chisholm held on to win from Boyle and Paton.

Paton again led when heat two started but there was a stoppage after Alan Burden hit the pit bend wall and later when Duncan slid into the wall on the main straight. Paton then led from Chisholm but closing fast was Boyle. It took him a few laps to take the lead but once he did, he pulled away to win.

Paton led the field away when the Final started from Chisholm, with Heeps leading the chase. Boyle and Graeme Dignan were running side by side for a few laps before Ogilvie joined to make it a three-car dice. The race was halted after a wheel came off Chisholm's car and the field lined up behind Paton whose advantage was now gone. On the restart Paton managed to pull out a small advantage as Heeps and Burden diced for second but they in turn were being caught by Boyle. In the end Paton held on to win.

Only a handful of Micro Bangers turned up with James Slater spinning on the opening lap. In close order Slater, Kurtis McQuade and Chris Watson retired as Sean McConnachie went on to win from Fraser Combe and Callum Campbell.

It was Campbell who was first to show when heat two started and he led from Combe. McQuade spun and was missed by the pack and then had another spin a couple of laps later. Watson slid into the wall and retired as Campbell went on to win from Comb and James Slater.

McConnachie was the first to show when the final started but within a couple of laps of the start he was sidelined and the race suspended with his car being checked over for fire.

Slater led on the restart and as the laps began to dwindle, he was able to open a slight gap over Campbell before going on to win with Comb in third spot.

The Micro F2s saw Lochie Lumsden making his debut whilst Elliott Royal was having his first Racewall outing of the season.

Naomi Bain led but a couple of laps later Corey Mathers was ahead. Rhys Walker and Bobbie Smith diced for second but at the close it was Mathers who won. Iona Sibbald was again the early heat two leader but was again soon caught by Bain then Smith. Once the latter took the lead, he went on to win from Mathers and Grief.

The third race followed much the same pattern as the heats only for the bumpers of Grief and Walker to get hooked up and they lost ground. Mathers went on to record an easy win from Smith with Lana Middler claiming third place.

This  week the Formula II drivers can race twice in World Championship qualifying rounds with the first being at Crimond on Saturday and then the following day at the Racewall. The Racewall Final will see Paul Reid defend his Jim Clark Trophy.  Also in action are the Stock Rods, Prostocks and the Micro F2s at 1pm.

  • Windygates’ Gordon Moodie raced at Bradford on Saturday in his Formula II where he was third in his first heat before going on to win heat three. He had to settle for fourth place in the meeting final.