IT was dry but chilly at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday evening, where the fans were treated to some exciting racing, writes our Racewall reporter Jim Turner.

There was no shortage of action and in the Formula IIs Aaron Vaight and Tom Bennett were amongst the ever presents whilst Kyle Taylor was back.

Not long into heat one of the Formula IIs Reece McIntosh clipped the wall and shed a wheel suspending the race. The field lined up behind Ryan McGill for the re-start but by the end of the lap Liam Rennie was the new leader and he went through to win from John Hogg and Craig Wallace.

McGill led the field away when heat two started, but lost out to Vaight. However, he soon had Wallace chasing and they were to swap places. In the end Wallace won from Rennie and Vaight.

McGill was the early final leader, but was hunted down by Vaight and Wallace with Rennie appearing in fourth. Vaight and Wallace swept into the lead places, but at half distance Wallace took the lead and on to win from Rennie and Hogg.

The Saloon final was being sponsored by Tam Tweedie, with a tyre going to the winner. Michael Allard, Adam O'Dell and Levi List were visitors from south of the border, whilst Steven Bolton was over from Northern Ireland. Making their debuts were Kalin Bryson and Dennis Middler and with their being over twenty cars at the track, the drivers scored double points in the final.

The opening race was a white/yellow challenge race with List just getting the better of Bolton to win, with Jay Carruthers a close third.

The opening heat was fast and spectacular, under the lights, and there was no shortage of action with a couple of stoppages. Stuart Shevill Jnr went on to win from Jordan Cassie and Declan Honeyman but Ross Watters lost third when sent spinning on the last lap. Carruthers led the field away when heat two started, but after a few laps Bolton took the lead. List moved into second after relegating Carruthers to third. Bolton went on to win a fast and hectic race from List.

The final was fast and exciting, with plenty of swapping places throughout the field. Carruthers led the way but soon had List and Bolton reeling him in and after a few laps List led. Just prior to the half distance Bolton moved ahead but making rapid progress through the field was Barry Russell, and once he caught Bolton, quickly took the lead.

Declan Honeyman was running just ahead of his father Stevie, but the latter was being caught by Graeme Shevill. Despite the gap closing on an exciting race Russell held on to win from Bolton and D. Honeyman

There was a good turn out of ORCi Stock Rods where the final winner was presented with a tyre courtesy of DP Commercials. Aaron Forgie and Jordan Dignan were the new faces.

Keiran McKinnon led the cars away but lost out to Graham Osborne, but just after he took the race was halted. The field lined up behind Osborne who was off like a scalded cat, but behind A. McKinnon was tee-boned as Derek Conner tried to overtake resulting in both spinning. Osborne went on to win from Jamie Dawson.

Heat two was led for some time by J. Dignan, but just after the half distance he was caught by a group of five cars and dropped down the order. Although Conner was first home, he received a penalty and it was James Gray who won from Dawson and Conner.

A couple of spinners suspended the final with the pack lining up behind J. Dignan but just after the restart it was Aiden McKinnon who moved into the lead followed by Osborne. Leon Stewart moved ahead of Cammy Doak and into third and whist he couldn’t shake off Doak, began to close in on those ahead. In the end A. McKinnon went through to record a narrow win over Osborne.

The ORCi Ministox drivers were back in action and the drivers were in good form and as a result the fans were entertained to some exciting racing.

The opening heat lasted only half a lap before it was suspended after a shunt that left Rhys Anderson against the wall and David Philp Jnr Jnr needing help out of his car. The restart was brief with a tyre appearing in the middle of the track.

Stuart Shevill Jnr Jnr led the field away from Caitlin Mitchell, but it was Shaun Boyle who took the lead but there was yet another stoppage after Owen Marshall bounced off the wall with the cars three abreast.

Once the race restarted Rhys Kelly dived through to win from Bailey Millar and Oliver Heron.

After a couple of laps in heat two Shevill Jnr Jnr moved into the lead and pulled away from the field. He was chased by Ollie Sime but the latter was to be spun. Finlay Gemmell came to a stop on the back straight suspending the race. Shevill Jnr Jnr was declared the winner.

Mitchell led the final but when Anderson was sent spinning entering the main straight, he was collected by the pack and as a result the race was suspended. It was a somewhat depleted field that restarted and Philp Jnr Jnr moved into second by Heron was making in-roads through the pack and he emerged in the lead but was being shadowed by Kelly with Philp Jnr Jnr now third. Kelly had a brush with the wall and lost ground allowing Heron to go through to win.

This Saturday the Formula II drivers are back in action along with the Prostock Basics and the Micro F2s whilst the Micro Bangers make their first appearance of the season.