IT was a chilly Sunday afternoon racing at the Cowdenbeath Racewall for the annual holiday meeting, although on track there were a few entertaining moments as the drivers warmed to the action, writes our Racewall reporter Jim Turner.

Sean McConnachie and Brian Youngson had a hectic afternoon, both racing Vans and Micro Bangers, whilst there were a few of the Ministox drivers having an outing in Junior Bangers.

Some of the action in the van bangers was something else, with vans being spun, crashed into, and generally destroyed as the meeting progressed. Amongst those racing in the vans was the Scottish champion Paul Barron, whilst Holly Glen returned after missing last year’s event.

The GMP National Points Champion Colin Ogilvie’s debut with the silver roof turned out to be a disaster, as he suffered a mechanical problem in the pits and never made it on to the track, whilst Taylor Osborne returned after a year’s absence.

Central Fife Times: The van bangers produced some dramatic action.The van bangers produced some dramatic action. (Image: Contributed)

Gareth Borthwick led the cars away when heat one started of the Prostocks Basics formula, but a moment at the turnstile bend allowed Gail Paton through into the lead. As the race progressed Lauren Ford closed the gap, and on the last lap, they were side by side.

Paton, though, held on to pick up her first ever win, from Ford, with Kai Chisholm third. The second heat saw Aidan Galloway and Borthwick tangle on the turnstile bend, delaying Paton and Chisholm. Liam Boyle dived into the lead and eased away before going on to an easy win from Galloway and Chisholm.

Borthwick led the field away for the final, with Galloway soon closing. Making progress was Graeme Dignan and he made light of working his way through into the lead. Behind Ford, Galloway, Boyle and Borthwick were fighting over second, with places being changed regularly.

In the end Dignan went on to win from Boyle and Ford, with Borthwick having to retire after bouncing off the wall.

There was plenty of action from the Micro Banger teams as they set about each other.

Sean McConnachie was the first to show, but he had Tam Melrose in close order and they diced for a few laps before Melrose took the lead. Brian Youngson was sent spinning by Marc Dalgarno, then pushed the latter off the track.

Melrose went on to record an easy win, over Scott Fraser and Finlay Davidson.

Central Fife Times: The junior bangers were involved in accidents aplenty!The junior bangers were involved in accidents aplenty! (Image: Contributed)

Heat two turned out to be a wrecking race, with Kieran McKay and James Mellin deciding that head-on crashes were in order, while later Youngson was sent spinning. Scott Fraser was taken out, head-on, by Lee Edwards, and then hit by Jamie Sangster, suspending the race. There were only two cars left running, and Callum Campbell won from Melrose.

The final saw McConnachie and Melrose fight it out early on for the lead, with Melrose getting the better of the exchanges. Davidson was sent crashing out of the race as Melrose ran away with it, going on to an easy win from Dalgarno and Youngson.

In the Destruction Derby there were some hard hits, with Melrose doing a lot of damage. However, when he came across Ryan Thompson, who survived a head-on shunt, his luck ran out and his car died.

There were a few Ministox drivers having outings in the Junior Bangers, with a couple of drivers having made the trek from south of the Border.

There was chaos on the opening lap when Ryan Strachan and Evie Smith spun, with the former being collected by Jake Wilson. Alex McBain took the lead and pulled away. Smith was spun into the wall, with Liam Loggie and Cole Ford dicing over second. McBain went on to a comfortable win from Loggie and Ford.

The second heat was led away by Kerr Paterson, but he was to lose out to Ford. Half way through the heat Ford spun, allowing Stanley Crittenden to lead, but McBain was reeling him in. Rachel Kidd ended up against the wall with a couple of other cars. In the end McBain won from Crittenden with Adelle Walmsley third.

The final was suspended after the cars piled into each other on the turnstile bend, leaving the cars of Cole Ramsay and Ford stranded against the wall. McBain was the new leader and he went on to make it a hat trick of wins and he led home Walmsley and Crittenden with R. Kidd the only other runner.

The first Van Banger heat was dominated by Paul Barron, who spun every van that he got close to. Holly Glen and Zak Murdoch were early spinners as Barron took the lead and eased away.

Murdoch entertained as he drifted his van around the bends, although he spun a couple of times. McConnachie spun on the main straight whilst Barry Glen had to retire. In the end Barron won easily from H. Glen and Youngson.

Heat two saw Murdoch and Slater tangle on the first bend, then the crowd were entertained by Clarke and the Glen, Holly and Barry, trying to destroy each other over the rest of the race! In the end Barron won from Youngson, with all the others sidelined.

The final saw H. Glen go straight into the lead, whilst Slater spun. Barron clipped H. Glen's van, then headed to the wall. Once he recovered, he crashed into B. Glen a couple of times. Youngson then began to make his presence felt whilst B. Glen circulated slowly. Youngson won easily ahead of H. and B. Glen, before outlasting the others to win the Destruction Derby.