IN the current emergency, behind closed doors environment, Cowdenbeath FC will continue to publish their award winning match programme - The Blue Brazilian - on a monthly basis.

Thus the first issue this season covers the Hearts and Annan matches.

Secretary David Allan said: "Print runs will be limited and you can get your copy by making a donation of £2.50 (purchase price) plus p&p of £1.75 = £4.25 via the Club 135 donation button on the club website. "Alternatively, contact us by Facebook message or by email and we will provide bank account details for electronic transfer of funds in payment".

Issue 1 includes features on - Rowan Alexander now back in harness at Gretna; Loans Across the Forth; Vamoosed to Vancouver (remember the Cowden Family!); Terracing food and drink - remembering pies, bovril, Lanliq and Pomagne; Alex Haddow and Cowdenbeath FC; Ask the Anorak; Golden Jubilee 1970 Cowden scrapbook; Better than a Sook at an Orange - football’s toughest quiz; John Thomson and the tortured Sam English; and much more in a 52 page edition.

David added: "We ask fans to bear with us as we are actively considering the position with season tickets and setting up PPV - further news soon."