COWDENBEATH’S board have set two targets in the coming five weeks, getting to grips with the Covid-19 requirements to allow games to go ahead at Central Park, and getting the squad signed up for the start of the new campaign. At a meeting on Thursday the directors found out just how exacting the former challenge is going to be and they are determined to start the process of securing the players that manager Gary Bollan wants from last season’s squad, for next season, as soon as possible. Said secretary David Allan: “The Covid issues are quite large in number. “The testing aspect is one thing where that is organised in plenty of time for games but ensuring that the ground is Covid friendly for a home match will demand a lot of things we haven’t done before. Preparing to have crowds means ensuring that social distancing is properly organised on the terracing and in the stands, and also there are other issues in terms of making sure people don’t cross in wrong zones in the stadium on a match day. “We will be putting plans in place and Fife Council have also been in touch about how we are going to address these issues. “It will take a bit of planning but our aim is to ensure that we have the right package in place for a home game.” Looking at the playing said he added: “Time is moving on quite fast and the start of training will be upon us before we know it and that is why we intend to start speaking to the players currently furloughed. “Gary knows who he wants to keep so we will be looking at starting making approaches this week for we want to have everyone fixed up in plenty of time before training starts at the beginning of September. “It certainly is like no pre-season I have experienced before and this is now a critical time to get everything in place. “The next few weeks are so important in getting our Covid plans completely organised and of course we have to get the playing side ready for the big kick-off so there is plenty to be getting on with.”