COWDENBEATH shareholders were told at their general meeting that top of the agenda for the coming season was going for promotion.

The 'virtual' meeting saw a good number of shareholders tune in to air their views on what they want to see happen in 2020-2021 and some were concerned about how the club had handled the financial difficulties through having four home games not happen in the closing weeks of the season.

The directors re-assured them that through excellent support from the Club 135 set-up, and continued backing of the Blue Brazil Lottery by fans, the club had done as well as could be expected in these difficult Covid-19 times.

The board was asked what the ambitions were for the new 27 game League 2 season and the directors responded that they wanted to be up their challenging in the shake-up to go back to League 1 and making the appropriate investment in the squad would be closely examined.

The shareholders were told that the great unpredictable factor in the approaching weeks and months was how much Covid-19 testing of players and backroom staff would be needed. That ultimately could have a major impact on the amount of cash that could be plied into the team.

Secretary David Allan said it was a good meeting with several very good questions posed: "The board was asked what their ambitions were for next season and clearly stepping up was top of the agenda.

"We hope we can be in a position to help the manager put the sort of squad together that can be highly competitive in the division this coming season.

"There is one big question that no one can foresee at present and that is how the coronavirus situation is going to play out but we would like to think that we can get a team that will be at least as competitive as last season."

He added that the nature of the beast was that a lot of flexibility will have to be running through the club's approach to the new season and he stressed that looking at new signings would have to go ahead within a matter of a few weeks

The meeting heard that the club was speaking to last season's strip sponsors and so far these discussions had been very promising and that the club would also be talking to the business community about possible advertising at the ground and match day sponsorship issues.

And also Part 4 of the History of Cowdenbeath FC will be coming out this week.

Said the secretary: "We published the first three parts (Part 3 is pictured above) a few weeks back and these have gone like hot cakes and now Part 4 is being printed.

"It has a host of interviews with players and managers covering a number of decades and also a large number of photographs, so it will be an excellent way to complete the history of the club.

"There a lot of discussions with the likes of local players like Raymie Allan and Eric Archibald in it and hopefully the public will like it."

Season ticket details should be announced this week.