COWDENBEATH'S players can't wait for the new season to come around.

Because of the beginning of the League 2 programme being delayed until October 17, pre-season training won't start until the end of August and run into September, something none of the Cowden players will have come across before but the furloughed unit have come to terms with the situation.

Manager Gary Bollan and three representatives of the squad had a virtual get-together with members of the board last week and they all seemed in good spirits.

Said secretary David Allan: "The players were all aware that the gap between their last league game and the first match of the new season will be seven months which really is something which is unheard of in the modern era.

"The feedback was that everyone is in good fettle although there is frustration that things seem to be moving ever so slowly at the moment.

"The players' furlough runs out at the end of August and currently they are contracted to then, but obviously we have to look to secure the men that Gary wants to keep within the next few weeks."

The manager has stressed that he wants to keep a hold of the vast majority of last season's squad with players such as the midfield unit of Kyle Miller, Gavin Morrison (pictured), Graham Taylor and Robbie Buchanan very much among those.

Defenders such as Craig Barr, Fraser Mullen, Jamie Todd, Fraser Mullen will be others the boss will want to keep hold of with Ross Clarke already signed from Albion Rovers.

The manager did indicate earlier in lockdown that a finisher to compliment the likes of David Cox, Jordan Allan and Kris Renton was also high on his list.

So the board will be working on that issue while a number of other issues will be coming up.

Added David: "With the fixtures due out before the end of July we have been looking at season ticket prices and at the moment it would seem these could be the same as last season.

"We also have been looking at training facilities. For a few seasons we have been using the Oriam in Edinburgh which has been liked by the players but clearly we won't be needing the facilities until much later in previous years.

"Also there will be things such as possible requirements for Covid-19 testing there and other issues to do with the coronavirus crisis, so there is that to work on too.

"Sponsorship deals for matches and advertising boards for the ground are also things that need to be tackled."

Last season's retro strips proved popular with fans and the club is currently looking to find out what the options are for Cowdenbeath shirts, shorts and socks for 2020-21.

The way the team performed at Central Park in them, with ten wins in the blue and white stripes, from 14 starts, showed that the players were comfortable in them too.

There was some good news on the coronavirus front last week with testing requirements for players reduced to once a week and David added: "That all helps, if it remains that way, and really we are very close to finalising the budget for the new season."