THE ten SPFL League 2 clubs are gearing up to starting the new season at the beginning of October with Betfred Cup sectional games, and perhaps two fixtures, before the first league game on Saturday October 17.

It is likely that the Blue Brazil, along with the other sides, would start the competition on Tuesday or Wednesday October 6/7 and also play the following midweek, with the league starting on the next Saturday.

The League 2 clubs had a virtual meeting at which they went over the possible fixture schedule and also the likely cost of regular testing players for Covid-19.

Cowdenbeath secretary, David Allan, said: "The clubs were all very positive about a 27 game programme starting on October 17 with possibly a couple of midweek Betfred sectional games before that.

"The Betfred would continue as a midweek competition through to the end of October and it would see a busy start to the season."

But David added that Covid testing costs could pose substantial funding questions: "Clubs may well be asked to test players and their backroom team twice a week and at £75 a person that can soon mount up.

"It could, as things stand, mean a total of £4,000 per week and while over a short period of time that is manageable, if it was to be needed over the whole season that could add up to £120,000, a very significant sum for all League 2 clubs, and indeed, those in League 1 and the Championship too.

"Hopefully, it would only be required for a few weeks of the season but it is something we will have to keep a weather eye on."

The secretary, and chairman Donald Findlay, hope to speak to the management team and players through a virtual connection this week to catch up on what their thoughts have been on their experiences over lockdown and how they view the way ahead into the new season.

Added David: "It will be interesting to hear how they have coped with this very different situation and looking ahead, what the think about the prospects for the the new proposed season.

"It is certainly not normal but it is all about getting clubs playing football and hopefully getting fans back to matches."

Manager Gary Bollan and his assistant Craig Easton (pictured above) are both out of contract but are keen to guide the Blues into 2020-21 season and will want to fix up their players for the new campaign and also recruit some new talent.

Meanwhile League 2 clubs have also been examining how they could deal with a social distancing aspect to getting supporters into their grounds.

Added David: "Every club has been looking at how they can get people into their grounds and there are ways to achieve it under the guidelines.

"All the sides have around the same crowd sizes and housing between 400 and 500 fans, socially distanced, is very achievable and clubs have been looking at what is needed.

"Getting supporters into matches is very much needed by all League 1 and 2 clubs to make things work."

A virtual shareholders meeting was also held on Monday night.