COWDENBEATH’S board met on Monday night to consider the proposals for a start to the League 2 programme in October

Also on the agenda were things such as the possible Covid-19 testing for players and backroom staff for matches, and also possible ways to allow any close door games to be scanned to fans.

Plus the latest on the decision by Hearts and Partick Thistle to consider legal action against the Scottish Professional Football League following the vote which relegated both clubs to the Championship and League One respectively.

The key element for the Blue Brazil directors is the proposals which have been put together to see Leagues 1 and 2 start on Saturday October 17, the same day as the Championship.

At this stage it looks like a 27 game programme which also allow the Betfred League Cup to get started on mid evening nights in the autumn.

Club secretary, David Allan, said that it was important to look ahead although the current league structure was still finding itself waiting the possible ramifications.

“It is very important that the clubs in all the divisions find themselves playing football as soon as possible near when the season is supposed to start,” he commented.

“Clearly the proposed court proceedings by Hearts and Partick have put another problem on the road ahead but we have to set our eyes on a start on October 17.

“But before we get there there has to be a lot of things to be considered.”

These include the possible cost of testing of the squad for coronavirus before every game and the possibility of some games being played behind closed doors at the start of the programme.

Added David: “It looks as if the Covid situation will persist for a time to come so the testing may be something we will have to deal with and look at the costs per game.

“Whether this can be accommodated on a League 2 basis or an individual club one we are not sure yet and it is something that has to be examined.

“Also we have had a look at way’s we might be able to accommodate what would happen if there had to be any closed door games.

“We had a demonstration of a system which could ensure that our home games would be seen by our fans and it could also be used by the backroom team for training purposes, another thing to think about.

“It is another thing that has to be considered.”

He added: “Looking ahead we have to see Saturday October 17 as the big kick-off day and prepare accordingly.

“Pre-season would be September and that is when training would go into full-swing.

“It is all a bit strange but hopefully we can see this as a way ahead.”

Cowden boss Gary Bollan will be encouraged to be getting an idea of when the season is proposed to start and he will be looking to rally skipper Craig Barr (pictured) and his team mates to put pen to paper for the new season.