COWDENBEATH will be putting forward their thoughts on the way ahead to the Scottish Professional Football League this week, but secretary, David Allan, hopes that some possible start dates for League 1 and 2 come from Hampden in response.

While the Premiership clubs get ready to re-start training this week, for an August 1 start to their campaign, the three divisions below them are still left with no real idea of when they can expect their season to begin.

Mr Allan said that all 42 clubs had been asked to give their views on the league reconstruction issue and the offer by an Edinburgh philanthropist to plough money into the Scottish League, especially the bottom three divisions, while Rangers have tabled a plan for a 14-14-18 set-up involving Rangers and Celtic Colts sides in the bottom tier – a suggestion the Blue Brazil have never been keen on.

The secretary said: “The proposal by the businessman is a very generous one, as the SPFL has indicated publicly, especially for the sides in the lower part of the structure.

“But at present, while the Premiership clubs have been given dates of when they can start training and a proposed start of their league programme, the clubs in the Championship, and Leagues 1 and 2 are really no further forward.”

Cowden boss Gary Bollan is straining at the leash to get going and wanted to start pre-season training this week, but he has to wait, and also hope that he’s able to fix up the players he wants for his squad next term.

That includes the likes of skipper Craig Barr and midfielder Mikey Herd (pictured), who are out of contract.

Mr Allan said: “Clubs have been asked by the SPFL to give their views on league reconstruction as part of the moves by Hearts chair, Ann Budge, and that will be something we will be doing this week.

“Really Cowden would be happy with 14 or 10 clubs in a division, anything that can get us in a position where we can look to start playing again, that is a key point for the lower league set-ups.

“What we really need is suggested dates when we can start training and a proposed start to the season, whether it be August, September or October. Part of that would also have to be an indication of when crowds will be allowed at games.

“If we can get that we can start working out budgets and the manager can start preparing the playing side of things, but at the moment were are still left in a sort of no man’s land.”

He added: “It is not easy for anyone to predict how the new season will go in terms of games, clearly it all depends on how the coronavirus situation develops.

“If the containing measures work well then a full season could be achieved and we can have fans at games, that really is a key thing for teams in Leagues 1 and 2. Playing a couple of games behind closed doors might be doable but more than that would be financially impossible. ”