COWDENBEATH striker David Cox on Friday talked openly about how the 10 week lockdown period has seriously affected his mental health.

David is the 31 year-old front player who manager Gary Bollan signed immediately he took over at Central Park, in November 2017, and he played his part in keeping the Blue Brazil in the SPFL in May 2018.

Since then he has been a regular and has turned out for the Blues on 82 occasions in all competitions and has scored 22 goals.

He has suffered from depression since being a young player and over the past few seasons has championed the SFA's Mental Health and Wellbeing campaigns in the sport.

But like everybody else, he has found the necessary lockdown put in place across the UK to battle coronavirus, a serious challenge.

David, who runs his own gym business in Motherwell, posted a Facebook video on Friday morning explaining how tough he had found the lockdown period.

He reflected: "As the weeks have gone by things have started to build up and many of the questions that have built up in my mind about it all have led to my anxiety going through the roof.

"Things like will my own gym business survive this, when will football re-start? I am not really someone who can sit at home and do nothing.

"I am an emotional sort of person who always wants to express my feelings but as time has gone by I have found that I can't even express how I feel to anyone.

"The anxiety has continued to build and is really going through the roof and it is making feel dead angry."

Coxy added: "We are all human beings and we realise that at times we can struggle, but this lockdown has been relentless and seems to go on and on.

"Without the wife and kids I don't know how I would have kept going.

"I know there will be people out there who are feeling equally as full of anxiety, but you are not alone, I can tell you.

"I know that from my previous experiences I have to be in a position to advise people how to handle these situations, but I have found this very, very difficult.

"At times I feel in a very dark place but I know that I have to try to get my head around it but it is not easy at all. However, the comments I have received from Facebook posts have been very supportive and helped me and I thank everyone who has made contact.

"The quicker we can completely get out of this the better, we have to all keep our chin up, we just have to."

It is a heartfelt video filmed in his car and having battled with depression for more than a decade, he knows how tough it is to succeed but he hopes that it can help other people maybe suffering from similar thoughts, to keep positive.