PLAYING behind closed doors with matches streamed on television for fans, or the season for the League 1 and 2 clubs going into hibernation, were just two of the possibilities outlined at a virtual meeting of the bottom 20 clubs in Scotland on Thursday.

The meeting was to examine how the coronavirus crisis could affect the game at Cowdenbeath's level over the coming months.

There were many concerns aired about the virus perhaps counting out a number of months of next season, maybe even reducing it to an 18 game campaign starting in January, with half of the season in 'hibernation'.

Cowdenbeath secretary David Allan described it as a meeting which saw a great many ideas and scenarios discussed by the 20 clubs, but no real hard and fast conclusions drawn.

He said: "Clearly as things go on and the virus issue is still very prominent, the clubs are concerned about when next season may start.

"The Scottish Football Association are expected to indicate early next month how they feel things are shaping so the League 1 and League 2 clubs were looking at how various scenarios could affect them."

David pointed out that Cowden are currently extending the furlough contracts of their players and people such as striker Kris Renton, pictured above, have had their arrangement extended until the end of August.

"The players have been pretty happy to extend their arrangements until we have a clearer picture of how things are going to develop but there is no doubt real concerns exist among clubs as to when the new campaign might start and what form it would take," he added.

"The possibility of starting the season behind closed doors was talked about but clearly the clubs needs fans through the gates to earn money. Streaming closed doors matches to fans' homes was talked about but it brings with it its own questions about equipment and how it could be done by all clubs to bring in some funds."

As things currently stand League 1 will have two full-time teams in the shape of Falkirk and Partick Thistle and clearly their overheads are greater than the rest of that division and clubs in League 2.

As yet the road ahead is not a clear one, concluded David: "Everyone is hoping that we can get a fairly normal start to next season, but obviously what we have seen over the past few months would suggest that is not looking very likely.

"However, the clubs are all wanting to see action by August or September, if possible, and there is flexibility on how that could be achieved."