COWDENBEATH will look to develop their strategy in putting together a squad for next season after getting more information on the UK Government’s Job Retention Scheme.

At present Cowden’s management team and players are on Furlough and no one is yet totally sure when positive indications of when the new season might start will come.

But as Blue Brazil secretary David Allan pointed out, things cannot remain in impasse for ever and he is looking ahead.

However, he did say that the Furlough scheme needed to be carefully studied in putting together plans for the future.

He said: “We have all the backroom team and players on Furlough and their contracts will run out in early June.

“The Government have put in place extensions to the scheme to the end of July and then there is a further type of extension through to October.

“However, if the new season is to begin in the likes of August or September we will have to look to have people signed up on contracts later next month.

“It is all a bit uncertain at the moment but we have to be ready to move ahead positively.”

David said that he would be thoroughly examining the nuts and bolts of the Furlough scheme to check exactly how the contract process could be tackled.

“Normally at this stage of the year the re-signing and signing process would be going into full swing but the coronavirus has stopped all that,” he added.

“The SFA’s ruling of no football or training is currently in place until June 10 and we might learn more then.

“However, meanwhile we will have to work out where we go from then and if it is clear the new season will not start until later than September clearly that changes things.

“We can look to extend contracts on the Furlough scheme to cover that but it is certainly something I have never had to deal with before.

“Hopefully we can get some positive information from the SFA and SPFL at some stage soon to help our planning.”

The club was one of 27 which voted against the proposal by Rangers for an independent inquiry in to the handling of the recent activities by the SPFL and hope that things can now move on.

Rangers wanted SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster and the organisation’s legal adviser suspended and an inquiry into the happenings surrounding the vote help in mid April which saw the bottom three divisions brought to an end.

However, their move lacked support from the bulk of clubs and David added: “We did vote ‘no’ as we really feel that the game in Scotland has to move forward now.

“There is no doubt that some errors have been made but at a time of real crisis in the game in Scotland now is not the time for this sort of situation to dominate proceedings.”

If the game does not re-start some time in the early autumn how clubs will keep going is a question that will need answering.