COWDENBEATH are in favour of a new 14-14-14 league set-up, if there is to be one at all.

The SPFL Reconstruction Task Force has been considering several formats which could replace the current 12-10-10-10 set-up but what their new recommendation will be no one really knows.

While Cowden's board does not think that reconstruction is necessary at this difficult time in Scottish football's history, they feel that if a new structure is going to be needed to move things on from the current impasse, it must be done sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile they are also looking at making progress on the contracts situation, which currently sees the club with no backroom people or players who will be in contract within a few weeks, including manager Gary Bollan and assistant boss Craig Easton (pictured).

Club secretary David Allan hopes that progress can be made on the contracts issue soon, but he says that it is really is important that the league structure for next season is finalised very soon.

He said this week: "So far we have had things like 14-10-10-10 floated and three divisions of 14 also mentioned.

"While we do not feel that at this time reconstruction is really the most important issue in the game, we took part in discussions with the other League 2 clubs and after many views being exchanged, it was felt that 14-14-14 would be the way ahead which would probably get most support.

"The problem is that not every club is going to agree with any proposal, but there has to be one that maybe covers most bases for clubs and it is important that this is in place as soon as possible.

"We will need fixtures to be produced and issued so that we can look at things like match sponsorship."

The SPFL will also be looking to their Task Force to come up with some hard and fast recommendations soon as all clubs will be in the same situation as Cowdenbeath.

"Selling match sponsorship is something which sees some people like to go for games at the end of a season that may have a lot riding on them, but others prefer the start and some like mid season, but you need a list of games to present to them so they can make their decisions," David added.

The 14 team third tier set-up would have Cove Rangers in it, despite them winning the League 2 title last term and would also have the likes of Peterhead and Clyde, who won promotion the season before so it would be a tough division for the Blues.

The likely make up of the fixtures would involve playing each other twice and then a split with the maximum number of games being 38.

The board have been discussing the contracts situation and clearly it is important to get the management team in place so decisions can be made on who will be retained so approaches can be made to players.