COWDENBEATH hope that today (Wednesday) a conference call meeting between the Scottish Professional Football League clubs can bring some light in to what the Blues see as a pretty dark tunnel just now.

As Cowden face another blank weekend through the shutdown of the game through the coronavirus crisis, the Blue Brazil board feel that time is starting to run out and decisions on how the way the game should proceed need to be made.

As far as the club is concerned Cowdenbeath have had good meetings with players and coaches and are progressing with the Government backed furlough scheme and skipper Craig Barr and his team mates have all been happy, in the circumstances, to see this route gone down.

Craig (pictured before the home game with Brechin with the referee and mascots) has been very active working as the link between the players, manager Gary Bollan, and the board, but he would be first to admit it is a situation he has never come across before.

He, like the board, is wondering what the decision of the way ahead for the Scottish game will be.

From the outside view, it looks as if there are three real options available. Make everything null and void as if the season never started; or decide positions on the points accrued in the games played to date; or make a prospective date for a re-start of the season.

Cowdenbeath secretary, David Allan, feels that time is indeed, running out fast for clubs: "Our players have been very understanding and they too are wondering what the near future holds.

"The official end of the season is less than a month away and clubs have at least eight games still to play and players' contracts run out in the second week of June, so to say that time is getting short is an understatement.

"The fact will be that whatever decision is made it will not please everyone, but it is a highly unusual situation.

"However, with time starting to get very short we really need decisions to be made."

Mr Allan said that if play was to resume clubs needed to be given some ideas of when there would be a proposed start, but if this was not thought to be possible then a decision had to be made how the season should be concluded.

He added: "The clubs have to look ahead and we need to know when 2020/21 is likely to commence with things like season ticket sales to be organised, and how players' contracts will be handled, so it is important that decisions are made.

"We hope that on Wednesday that we will find out some idea of what the way ahead will be."