THE lack of activity caused by the SFA and SPFL decision to halt all league and cup fixtures due to the spread of the coronavirus caseload, will have a severe affect on Cowdenbeath's financial structure, finance director David Allan said this week.

If Cowden don't play another game, due to the situation, it could cost them income totalling upwards of £60,000.

And Mr Allan predicted that whatever decision the Integrated Board make about the way ahead it will not be met by total approval.

He said this week: "We had four home games left, including the Cove game postponed on Saturday, and were expecting a bigger crowd for that game and had a fully booked hospitality lounge.

"The nature of the promotion play-offs situation means that our hospitality suite is sold out for our remaining games with Stenhousemuir, Queen's Park and Elgin City and the nature of the matches being key to the play-offs will mean bigger gates.

"The income from the hospitality is £2,000 per game and then when you take into account things like the half-time draw money it will certainly be over £50,000 in income if we do not play another game this season."

Mr Allan added: "A lot depends on how long Scottish football is going to be out of action.

"If there is little action between now and mid April it will mean that Cowden will have nine games, or a quarter of the season to play, which even playing three games a week, would take us into mid May.

"If we were to quality for the play-offs that would be another two weeks added on which would take us up to the end of the month. The fact is that players' contracts run out in early June which could bring with it its own problems."

Mr Allan was first to stress that this is a situation that is facing every club in the country at the moment and it will be putting strains on every outfit's finances.

"The SFA and League Joint Board will have some difficult decisions to make," he said, "when will it be safe to re-start? What if we cannot not re-start and call the season over, how will promotion and relegation be sorted out, or would there be no ups and downs?

"Whatever decision is made it will not please everyone, but then this is a situation that we have not seen before so it is a unique one to deal with.

"There will be some really difficult days ahead for organisers and the clubs."

The Blue Brazil's match at Brechin City this coming weekend is expected to be called off.