THE second of the practice sessions at the Cowdenbeath Racewall, on Sunday, saw the drivers having to change their car settings as the weather changed from dry to showers, writes our Racewall reporter Jim Turner as he looks forward to the new season.

Still there were some promising runs which augers well for the start to the season.

There were new Formula IIs on show for Daniel Scrimgeour and Euan Millar, whilst Bobby Brandon and Freya Lovett were out in their Minis. New face in the ORCi Stock Rods was Ross Carcary, who was using the ex-Mark Blackie car. Stuart Wedderburn (Leven) had his new car on show whilst Neil Gilogley (Tayport) had the car he will be trusting in 2020.

In the Saloons Kevin Letford was using James’ car with the latter having his car almost ready for action. Kevin’s car had been sold to Andy Ainslie who did quite a few laps in the car.

Zoey Jamieson and Lennon Clayton were out in their Micro F2s for the first time whilst David Philp Jnr Jnr was giving his car its first outing of the season.

John Sibbald ran his National Hot Rod whilst Scott Black gave his National Banger a few laps around the track.

When the Micro F2 drivers took to the track initially it was dry and again it was the Glenrothes duo, of Lennon Cuthill and Connor St. Aubyn, who set the fastest times in the opening sessions. However, later on Philp Jnr Jnr was just as quick so it is going to be an interesting season.

Ollie Sime showed a good turn of speed as did Chris Davidson Jnr, whilst not that far adrift were Billie-Summer Glen and Cole Ramsay. Newcomers Caitlin Mitchell showed that once she gets used to the Micro F2s she is going to pick up some good results whilst Jamieson and Clayton must have been pleased with their initial runs.

Chris Burgoyne was the quickest of the Formula II drivers and he is again going to be one of the drivers to watch this year. Euan Millar was using the time to set up his new car and he was going faster each time he was in action.

Blue graders Jason Blacklock and Stevie Forster weren’t that far away time wise and again were making adjustments to their cars each time they took to the track.

With Daniel Scrimgeour working away from home, Barry Glen and Garry Sime, each did a stint in the car as they try to get the set up sorted for the opening meeting.

Again there were a couple of Formula II drivers spectating, taking a break from getting their cars ready for Saturday night.

Jason Secker had his Saloon at the track and whilst it wasn’t sign written it is already for them to come and do so. Secker put in quite a few quick laps and again must have been happy with the cars performance. Secker is back after a year’s suspension and is rarin’ to go.

Barry Russell was the quickest whilst Ross Watters (Kennoway) had made a few adjustments to his car and didn’t bring it out until the track was dry. Watters wasn’t quite as fast as Russell but there wasn’t that much to chose between them.

Ross Forrest and Willie Mitchell put in quite a few laps with their cars going well whilst K. Letford seemed reasonably happy with his cars performance until James went out for a few laps only for the engine to start to misfire.

Kyle Irvine was consistent but Ainslie showed a fair turn of speed although he got caught out once or twice when the track was greasy.

The Saloons have their European Championship at the Racewall in June so the drivers will be gearing up for this two day event.

Again the ORCi Stock Rods have their European Championship in May and the drivers have their sights set on that. Stuart McKinnon is the defending champion with the race taking place at Knockhill.

There were again double figures out practicing with the Scottish Champion Michael Bethune (Kincardine) and Cammy Doak the quickest and both will have their eyes on McKinnon’s championship.

Leon Stewart was going well and he will be hoping for a much smoother season than he experienced last year. Stuart Wedderburn was setting consistent laps with his cars which augers well. Craig Tosh did likewise and he is hopeful of a good seasons racing.

Gilogley was consistent and must have been happy with how the car was performing. Another making good use of the practice session was Chris Lattka and he clocked up some quick laps.

Scott Galbraith’s (Auchtermuchty) session came to an end when a track rod end broke and he slid into the wall. Taylor Borthwick was consistent in her runs and she must be pleased with how the car is performing.

Paul Prentice had a problem in one of his sessions but made it back out whilst newcomer Carcary ended up sliding into the wall

John Sibbald turned up with his Hot Rod and concentrated on the set up of the car but in his last run he was another who slid into the wall. Mind you he was the quickest driver on the track!

There were quite a few Ministox drivers at the track with Scott Allardyce (Anstruther) probably the quickest although Robbie Armit wasn’t that far adrift. However, from the sessions it looks as if Bailey Millar will take a lot of catching from the white grade during the early part of the season.

Another to impress was newcomer Bobby Brandon, who has just upgraded from the Micro F2s and he too could give some of the more experienced drivers a run for their money. Lovett was having her first outing in a Mini at the Racewall and she was taking the time to getting acquainted to the track

Ross McLaughlin was going well as was Logan Tweedie and Sam Canavagh and it looks as if the Ministox are again going to be an exciting formula this year.

Lauren Gray and John Galloway were making good use of the sessions to run as many laps as they could in their Prostock Basic cars.

Darren Rae (Lochgelly) and John Mason were pretty quick in their Prostocks and at this early stage they could well be the ones who are fighting it out for the track points.

This Saturday sees the GMP start their 40th season of stock car racing in Scotland and it is almost 40 years to the day that Newtongrange opened its doors.

On the bill will be the BriSCA Formula IIs and Saloons who were both on the fixture list when Newtongrange opened. Also on the format this year are the Prostock Basics and the Micro F2s

The meeting is due to start at 5.45pm but that will depend on how quickly the track can be prepared after the football.