FRIDAY'S returns in the Lochgelly Darts League saw excellent wins for BRT A and Shardy's A and in a tight game Red Goth slipped home in a Benarty derby.

Last week’s results were, Brt A 9-3 Shardy’s B, Shardy’s A 8-4 Brt B, Cleikum Inn 5-7 Red Goth.

180's: J.Munn, C.Mayne, P.Griggs. Fastest Leg: J.Munn 16-18, P.Griggs 21. Highest checkout: W.Mellon 102, D.Stein 100, D.Currie 80.

This Friday sees the Senior and Junior Singles take place: Seniors: in the Brt are, S.Byrne, D.Wilson, R.McShane, Kevin O'Hagan, M.Keicher, K.Jones, A.Brand, B.Duncan, D.Adam, T.Churchill, A.McShane, S.Carlin, G.Lambert, M.Wilson, W.Burns, W.Mellon, B.Penman, W.King, D.Hunter, James Notman, P.Griggs, C.Abercrombie, K.Smith.

In Shardy’s are; D.Anderson, T.McMaihin, D.Lister, D.Highly, W.Ratcliffe, J.Aitchison, D.Stein, W.Harper, A.Duncan, W.Fairhurst, I.Ramage, W.Ford, D.Johnstone, D.McShane, J.Kirkland, A.Watson, D.Currie, J.Bell, M.Kelly, F.Hepburn, J.Caulfield.

Juniors in the Cleikum Inn, B.O'Hagan, J.Munn, R.Carlin, D.Giblin, M.Whyte, S.Watson, C.Whyte, S.McShane, Jack Macrae, J.Toynton.

All members who do not qualify for these tournaments are eligible to take part in the inaugural running of the Jim Macrae 1001 Shield in the Welfare Club, 7:40 rollcall for 7:45 start, there is a £2.00 entry fee on the night.