THE holiday stock car meeting at the Cowdenbeath Racewall, on Sunday, turned out to be quite an exciting affair with many of the cars, and vans, that had been racing reduced to scrap!

In the Van Bangers, writes Jim Turner, there were cheers when the six wheeler of Zak Murdoch was sent spinning during the second heat with the rear of the van beginning to collapse. However, after a few modifications it returned to the fray for the final.

It was a similar story in the Micro Bangers where there were numerous shunts and spins which saw cars reduced in length dramatically. In fact one car literally saw the rear of the car demolished yet it still ran around the oval.

The Micro Bangers were split into teams and at the end of the racing there was tie between the Krazy Krew A team and the A team of the Mob.

William Walmsley won a heat and final in the Junior Bangers whilst Lauren Ford won two heats in the Prostock Basic formula

There were a few new faces on the Prostock Basics which included Lauren Gray, Kieran Ogilvie, Scott McLachlan and Jackie Soutar. Nicole Russell was using Jack Robertson’s car whilst her new car is being built and there was a number change for Callum Rennie (Kinglassie).

Heat one proved to be a bit of a canter for Lauren Ford who took little or no time at all in getting through the cars ahead of her as she romped away to win from Dean Whiteley (Glenrothes) and Joanne Hilditch. Ford carried on her good work in heat two where she was quickly through into the lead before going on to win from Kev Bell (Glenrothes) and Graeme Dignan (Leven).

With her two heat wins Ford was upgraded to the blue grade for the final. It was Bell who led the field away when the race began from John Downs (Dunfermline) and Alan Burden with Taylor Osborne whilst Megan Wilson (Comrie) had made a good start from the yellow grade and was soon closing in on the white graders.

Whiteley was running ahead of Russell, Ford and Hilditch whilst Rennie was an early casualty. Dignan was reeling in the cars ahead and soon closed up on Hilditch. Bell had built up a big lead but when Russell eased into second spot the gap began to close and when Bell began to lose ground when lapping back markers there was only a couple of car lengths between the two.

Whiteley was eased wide, Dignan received damage and had to retire, so it allowed Bell a bit of breathing space and he was able to claim the win being followed home by Russell and Ford, although the latter was penalised two places and dropped to fifth which elevated Whiteley back to third.

There were six Micro Banger teams at the track and all ready for what lay ahead. There was plenty of contact reducing quite a few cars to wrecks although some did manage to reappear although maybe not all four wheels were on the track at the one time!

The first heat had barely started when Douglas McConnachie was wrecked after being shunted heavily into the wall on the opening laps. John Paton was another early casualty before team mate James Paton hit troubles. Boab Ryan moved ahead and was chased by Lee Kopacz for most of the race but he was sent spinning into the wall on the turnstile bend and out of the race. This let Oggie Ogden through into second place with Liam Glendinning in third place.

There weren’t as many cars on the track for heat two with the action starting almost right away. Mark Morrison was sent spinning by John Paton whilst Gavin Fletcher received the same treatment from Ryan Burden.

Callum Campbell took over at the front of the field but there was a race suspension which allowed the field to close up behind Campbell. However, on the restart Campbell eased away from Glendinning whilst Burden was sent spinning by Sean McConnachie. Campbell was by now clear and he went on to win from Glendinning and Jon Taylor.

The cars lined up for the final with Campbell and Ryan at the rear of the grid. Team mates Gary Doyle and John Paton tangled with each other on the opening lap and whilst Doyle restarted Paton was out. Glendinning led from Morrison and Taylor with the teams now looking to get rid of their opponents as they looked to win. Matt Smith was sent spinning and then collected by a couple of cars that were in close order.

Doyle spun and then restarted and when he was heading over to retire he was collected by S. McConnachie with the rear end of his car getting staved in! Glendinning then reeled off the remaining laps to win from Campbell and Taylor.

When the points were totalled it transpired that the A teams of the Krazy Krew and the Mob were equal.

The Destruction Derby turned out to be a hectic one with S. McConnachie ending up as the winner although if he had not been hit hard by Taylor he wouldn’t have been able to restart. In doing so Taylor’s car was stuck.

The Van Bangers saw Holly Glen back in action with Zak Murdoch bring down a twin axle van which looked at one time could have been a school bus.

Glen was the first to show when heat one started but then lost out to Raymond Brown (Lochgelly), Barry Jarman (Dunfermline) was spun by Barry Glen whilst Andy Ainslie was another spinner.

Murdoch was sent spinning by Brown whilst Lee Clarke (Cowdenbeath) was also spun by Brown. B. Glen and Brown got locked together and in a flash H. Glen was through into the lead and although Clarke chased hard she held on to win.

The start to heat two was explosive with H. Glen and Ainslie spinning in separate incidents then B. Glen sending Murdoch’s van crashing into the wall and whilst Murdoch restarted, B. Glen’s vehicle was wrecked. Brown hit trouble before Murdoch went through to win from H. Glen and Clarke.

Murdoch’s van reappeared for the final with the rear end reshaped. H. Glen was an early spinner but restarted. Ainslie was spun by Murdoch and soon he was being chased by H. Glen and on the last bend contact was made with H. Glen going through to win from Murdoch.

The Destruction Derby saw a few cars being wrecked and ended with H. Glen and Murdoch’s van nose to tail. In the end H. Glen’s van died and Murdoch was declared as the winner.

There was a good turnout of Junior Bangers which included Brandon Morton, Koddi Wright (Lochgelly) and Rocco Trench.

Joey Holmes Jnr had an easy first heat win going through to win from William Walmsley and Jacob Rushton. The second heat saw Walmsley go through for a comfortable win where he led home Morton and Riley Holmes.

The final saw Wright led over the early laps but then Walmsley caught and passed him before going through for a comfortable win over Wright and Holmes Jnr.

The next action at the Racewall is on March 14 with two practice sessions on the preceding Sundays.