LOCHGELLY Bowling Club's successful bowlers in the 2019 season received their trophies at a special evening held at the club at last Friday evening.

The club was led by president and vice president Liz and David Scott.

After an excellent meal the presentation ceremony took place followed be entertainment provided by Kenny Smith.

The 2019 success stories were, Ladies, Championship 1 M Mitchell; 2 I Scott. Stewart Cup 1 M Mitchell; 2 A Bruce. Jackson Cup 1 A Bruce; 2 L Scott.

Ann McLean Cup 1 M McGhie; 2 M Mitchell. Two Bowl Pairs 1 M Mitchell and I Watson; 2 F McCauly and E Connelly. E O S Pairs 1 L Scott and A Bruce; 2 M Mitchell and I Watson. Club Pairs 1 M Yearsdley and A Bowers; 2 A Bruce and M Mitchell. Triples 1 I Muir, A Bowers and E Connelly; 2 M Mitchell, L Scott and A Bruce.

Men, Championship 1 J Gilruth; 2 J Sinclair. Forrester Trophy 1 J Gilruth; 2 R Fox. Sinclair Trophy 1 G Scott; 2 A Glasgow. Two Bowl 1 A Bowers; 2 T Muir. Senior Single Hand 1 R Fox 2 A Scott. Martin Garvie Trophy 1 J Burt; 2 G Aitken. Scottish Pairs 1 R Fox and J McGuire; 2 C Kinnell and L Johnstone.

Club Pairs 1 D Duncan and A Bowers; 2 S Scott and A Glasgow. Triples 1 D Lister, W Glasgow and T Muir; 2 J Burt, W Paul and A Glasgow.

Open pairs, S Bowers and A Bowers. Jacky Adams Memorial Margaret Mitchell C Mulligan, Margo Mitchell and A Mitchell. John Gilfillan Trophy G Anderson, T Muir, B Anderson and C Wilson. Scottish District 8 Triples R Fox, G Scott and J McGuire. Scottish District 8 Ladies Senior Fours I Muir, A Bruce, A Bowers and L Scott.