WEATHER wise the occasional rain shower was to cause the stock car drivers problems at the Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night but that didn’t in any way deter from the action on the track, writes our Racewall scribe Jim Turner.

Cowdenbeath's Paul Reid ended up on top of Kyle Taylor’s Formula II and resting on top of the wall after the latter had spun, was collected by Peter Watt but Reid had nowhere to go and hit the front of Taylor’s car before clambering up the wall.

In the final there was a four car shunt on the back straight which saw Adam Blacklock crash out of the race.

In the 2 Litre Saloons there was some hard racing and on the greasy track there were plenty of cars bouncing off the wall as a result whilst in the final Holly Glen was caught up in a group cars and crashed out.

The two drivers that were fighting it out for the Prostock track points race were sent crashing into the wall at the start to heat two and whilst Ian Christie reappeared John Mason didn’t manage to get his car repaired in time.

Whilst the Banger Scottish Championship wasn’t the most exciting race the two heats and the Destruction Derby made up for it and as a result there were quite a few cars only fit for the scrap yard at the end of the meeting.

Kyle Taylor had brought his Formula II up for the meeting from the north east of England whilst the local drivers were Gregor Turner (Dunfermline) and Craig and Paul Reid (Cowdenbeath).

After the incident which saw Paul Reid and Taylor crash on the turnstile bend it was Chris Burgoyne who went through to win from Steven Burgoyne and Turner.

The second heat saw Turner lead for most of the race but he had a scare during the closing stages when Taylor spun in front of him and he just narrowly managed to squeeze through. Whilst his lead had been reduced he went through to win from C. Burgoyne and Daniel Scrimgeour with C. Reid in fifth place.

Reid led the field away at the start to the final from Watt and they soon pulled away from the field. C. Burgoyne was running just ahead of his brother Steven and they were working their way through the field.

P. Reid and Adam Blacklock hooked bumpers and as they exited the pit bend were collected by Stevie Forster. As a result the three cars spun but most restarted.

The track conditions were greasy and the cars were keeping as close to the wall as they could to get as much grip as they could. The Burgoyne’s caught C. Reid and relegated him to third and then Watt began to close in on. As watt made his bid for third he spun and at the line it was C. Burgoyne from S. Burgoyne with C. Reid third.

Burgoyne then won the Grand National from Forster and C. Burgoyne with P. Reid fourth, Turner sixth and C. Reid seventh.

Amongst the 2 Litre saloon drivers in action was Jacob Roff from south of the border, Westley McLean was down from Crimond whilst local drivers were Ross Watters (Kennoway) and Andrew and Euan Mathieson (Lochgelly) but the Mathieson’s stuck troubles and apart from the white/yellow final failed to finish a race!

Their first race of the night was the final of their White/Yellow challenge series and in the end Marc Honeyman went through to win from Willie Mitchell and A. Mathieson.

The first heat was held on a drizzle and after a few laps Graeme Anderson moved into the lead. Watters was making light of the conditions and managed to catch Anderson during the closing stages before going through to win. Anderson held on to second with Robin Copland third. Chris Burgoyne then went on to heat two comfortably and he led home Graeme Anderson and Watters.

When the final started Copland went straight into the lead but a couple of laps later the race was suspended after the cars bunched up with Holly Glen crashing out. Copland led on the restart from Watters and Shevill and within a lap they had relegated Copland to third spot. McLaughlin was teeboned by Copland and dropped a couple of places before setting off after the cars ahead.

For lap after lap Watters staved off the challenges from Shevill but by now the fans were cheering on their favourites. The leaders ended up catching McLaughlin with the latter’s car bouncing off the wall. Watters managed to ease away as Shevill got ahead of McLaughlin as Watters went through to win, his third Racewall final on the trot, from Shevill and Burgoyne.

There was a decent field of 2 Litre Banger drivers for their Scottish Championship including the defending champion Jak Denikiewicz.

Jamie Sangster was the first to show from Mark Morrison and they ran in the lead places for a good part of the race.

Shamus Wyer was sent into a spin and then Philip Blowers was clipped and spun. Callum Campbell began to make up ground and just after the half distance it was a three way dice for the lead. Morrison got inside Sangster to lead but a couple of laps later Campbell was ahead.

Sangster was delayed and lost out to Dalton Steele and within a couple of laps had caught Morrison.

Campbell went through to win from Steele and Morrison.

The first of the Allcomers races saw a six car shunt on the main straight but the race should have been won by Brian Youngson but he was teeboned and that allowed Jon Taylor through to win from Sangster and Morrison.

The second Allcomers race went to Youngson who led home Sean McConnachie and Taylor before the drivers went straight into their Destruction Derby. The drivers began to set about getting rid of the others and there were clouds of smoke as cars retired. In the end Taylor was the last car running but only just!

There weren’t too many Prostocks about with local drivers being Darren Rae (Lochgelly), Ian Christie (Lochgelly) and Dean McGill (East Wemyss). John Mason winning heat one from Christie and McGill. At the start to heat two McGill sent Mason crashing into the wall but with Christie on the inside he too ended up in the wall. McGill then won from Rae – the only two to make it to the finish line.

Ryan Martin won the final from Christie and Rae.

This weekend brings to the Racewall the last of the two day meetings and as usual it is one not to miss.

The 2 Litre Saloons will be topping the bill both days with the Superbowl title being decided on Saturday night and whilst it is one of their National Series rounds. On Sunday the added incentive is the Gordon Barclay memorial trophy for the final winner. The BriSCA Formula II drivers will be racing for the James Clarke Cochrane Memorial Trophy on Saturday night then the Champion of Champions race on Sunday.

On Saturday the 1300 Saloons have their Superbowl to decide whilst the Classic Hot Rods have their Doug Farrer trophy and the Cock of the North trophy up for grabs.

On Sunday the 1300 Saloons have their Young Guns final up for grabs whilst the Stock Rod numbers will be swelled by some of the HRP drivers.

The start time on Saturday night is 5.00pm whilst it is the usual 1.00pm start on Sunday.