THERE was a busy time at Cowdenbeath Bowling Club as the remainder of the competition finals were held, writes Jack High.

In the Ladies Championship final, last year's finalist Linda Duff took on two time winner Emma Connor (albeit the previous two wins were in her maiden name - Drysdale).

Emma got off to a great start scoring a two then a four when Linda lifted her third shot with a heavy bowl and a two to be 8-0 up.

Linda drew the shot the next end and got back into the game with a three and a two to be 6-8 down.

Emma then drew the shot with her last bowl and traded shots to be 10-8 up.

Emma then upped her game and Linda threw a few heavy bowls trying to move Emma's shots. Emma scored three singles, a three, a four and a three to win 21-8 in a good game where the score was not a fair reflection on the standard of bowls played.

The final of the handicap was between Jim Watson, playing off plus two, and Lindsay Black playing off minus five - meaning Lindsay had to score 26 shots before Jim scored 19.

Lindsay got off to the better start getting to -1 to 3 after five ends where he won three measures.

Jim was getting some incredible tight lines but Lindsay clawed back the handicap to be 13-6 up which was 8-8 on the scoreboard.

Jim then scored a great three when he trailed the jack 2' with his last bowl.

Lindsay then took two ends to level it again before Jim scored another three when he had two bowls an inch away and one about a foot short. Lindsay got back to peels at 14-14 before he started to throw a lot of bowls in the area and took a 19-14 lead when Jim got the wrong side of a couple of bowls.

Jim then scored a single at the next end before Lindsay drew two shots to win the trophy. Some decent bowls played throughout.

On Tuesday the final of the mixed singles was between Brian Morris, a first year player, and Colin Sneddon who is only in his second year.

Both players beat decent players to reach the final which was another good game. Colin got off to a slow start with Brian throwing at least one great bowl every end to go 9-1 up.

Colin got the shot and shortened the length to get it back to 11-11. The next few ends were nip and tuck and the score was again tied, this time at 15. Colin then played a few very good ends to score a three, a two then a single to win 21-15. A great achievement. Great to see some new names on the trophies.

The Dewar Trophy for over 55 year-olds was won by Billy Allan who beat Jim Watson in the final.

It was another tight game with the scores level at 4, 6, 7, 9 and 10 before Billy scored a four when Jim had a loose end. Billy played the more steady bowls and went 19-13 up.

Jim scored a two and missed a great opportunity to score another when he ran 4' past the jack.

At the next end Jim was lying a shot 8" off the jack and Billy had a couple of bowls past the jack and one a foot high a foot short. He played through the head and hit the high bowl and cut across the head to lift Jim's shot bowl for a two.

To be fair, during the game Billy trailed the jack five times and didn't get the shot once. A disappointing way for Jim to lose the game but Billy did play the more steadily throughout. A very good season for Jim who reached a couple of finals and won a pairs.

In the mixed triples final Hazel Moncur, Alan Moncur and Eric McMillan beat Sidney Leitch, Darren Leitch and Steven Hunter 14-12. Eric was 12-5 up with three to play and Steven scored a three and a four to level it at 12 playing the last.

It was getting very dark during the last end. Sidney drew a close shot only for Hazel to throw one a centimetre away. This wasn't beaten and they actually drew another shot. Another good advert for the standard of bowls in the club.

In fairly inclement weather on Saturday afternoon, the closing of the green 'Coca Cola Cup' between Bobby Reekie's team and Rab Cant's team took place with Bobby winning by ten shots.

Rab Cant will now have to buy the Coca Cola on a Friday night for Bobby till Christmas! The score is now 3-3 as the game started when they were Treasurer and Secretary six years ago.

There is a friendly away game at Galatown, Kirkcaldy next Saturday for the Muir Trophy with Cowdenbeath taking a 28 shot lead into the game.

Congratulations to all the winners this year.