YOUNG Zoe Ross made a bit of history at Cowdenbeath Jujitsu on Saturday.

Zoe just turned four in April and she has become really hooked on the sport.

Said Cowdenbeath Jujitsu's John Sneddon: "A wee bit history was made on Saturday morning at the club.

"We started a totts' class for 4 to 6 year olds four months ago and Zoe Ross has become the class's first junior red belt."

Zoe's grandfather, Harry Webster, said: "Her mum thought it would be good to get her into a club where she could learn and keep fit at the same time.

"I contacted John, at Cowdenbeath Jujitsu, and he said he was thinking about starting a totts' class.

"When he did Zoe joined and she hasn't missed a class. We reckon she could be the youngest in Scotland to gain this achievement".

They train on a Tuesday at 5pm and Saturday morning at 10.30am at their base at 39 Broad Street.

Zoe is pictured with John Sneddon and her instructor Zoe Johnston.