THIS week sees the finals of the Lochore Welfare Club Summer League take place, the night starts with the round of 16 fixtures and will be continued to be played down until a winner is found.

The round of 16 fixtures is, C.Abercrombie v S.Mackie, B.O'Hagan v G.Lambert, J.Munn v W.Ford, Kevin O'Hagan v M.Whyte, P.Dickson v J.Caulfield, Keiran O'Hagan v Jack Macrae, J.Aitchison v C.Mayne, S.Farmer v C.Cant.

All the players that did not qualify for finals night will be entered into the consolation tournament which will also be played on the night, (winner £40 - runner up £10).

Friday's results are as follows, Group A, D.Stein 0-1 J.Caulfield. Group B, C.McDonald 2-4 C.Mayne, C.Cant 0-6 J.Munn, I.Ramage 4-2 G.Toynton, R.Hamill 0-6 Kevin O'Hagan.

Group C, J.Watson 0-6 P.Dickson. Group D, M.Whyte 4-2 W.Ford, S.Farmer 5-1 J.Kirkland. 180’s: M.Whyte (2), C.Cant (2), C.McDonald, Kevin O'Hagan.

Fastest Leg: Kevin O'Hagan 14-17-20, M.Whye 14, J.Munn 15-16-17, C.McDonald 18. Highest Checkout: M.Whyte 100.