GARY Handyside, from Lumphinnans Bowling Club, has been a member of Disability Sport Fife's 'Team Fife' for almost 25 years.

Gary first came to the seclectors' attention when he attended the Woodlands Centre and was influenced by Alex McLean, Jimmy Smith, John Rae and others.

Gary has been an active member of the Lumphinnans Bowling Club for many years and in Fife and Scottish Championships he has a record that any player would be proud of.

Said DSF chairman Richard Brickley: "Gary is a particularly competent team player and his record in the seven years of the Inter Area team event is as good as any Fife player. Gary also has a very good record at the Scottish Disability Sport Lawn Bowls Championships.

"Gary Handyside may not be as well known as Craig Donaldson and Darryl Stewart but in Fife he is equally respected. Congratulations on another successful series of performances at the Scottish Inter Area Championships as a member of Team Fife A".