THE first half of the season at Lochgelly Raceway came to a close on Saturday with the Caravan Demolition Derby taking centre stage in the thunderous night of racing, writes our Raceway writer Kevin McQueen.

The Caravan Demolition derby took place at the end of the night which also saw an additional caravan parked across the track as a target for the oncoming ‘tourers’!

The first lap saw a number of the caravans fall by the wayside as the bumpers went in and the towing skills were put to the test. Jimmy Kerr saw his car almost roll over after being spun around with his caravan and hitting the infield kerbs, which ended his chances of scooping the prize. Norman Moore likewise, saw his caravan fall by the wayside early doors. Martin Aitken and Frank Boardman were the last two drivers with the caravans still attached to the cars, which saw Boardman turn around and target the Aitken caravan blasting through the ‘target’ painted on the side of the caravan, with Moore coming in afterwards in his car to finish the job off.

Moore and Martin Aitken continued without their caravans and went about destroying the left over shells around the Raceway, much to the crowd's delight, before finishing off with a demolition derby of their own. Superb entertainment from the drivers involved!

The 2.0 Hot Rods were in action in their final meeting ahead of there World Championship at Ipswich next weekend.

Jim Pitcaithly stole the show in the car that Aiden Moffat used a few weeks back here at Lochgelly Raceway. In the wet conditions, Pitcaithly dominated proceedings to take a hat trick of race wins on the night in appalling conditions for the formula. Pitcaithly wrapped up the National Points Championship and will wear the Silver roof for the next year or so as a result!

The CC Rods saw around 20 cars in action and provided some excellent racing throughout the night. Dale Burt made his debut and was an instant success as he raced to an opening race victory ahead of Shane Allen and David Herd.

The 2nd heat of the night seen another first win of the season, this time going to James McIntyre. James has shown good speed in the last few meetings and thoroughly deserved to take his first win in the formula ahead of Shane Allen and Ian Hotchkies.

The meeting final saw Lee Wotherspoon return to the spotlight as he aims to close the gap at the top of the track championship, taking the final victory, with Paul Muir in 2nd and Hotchkies in 3rd.

The Ministox provided a night of action with hits and crashes throughout the night, with a couple of drivers taking a few knocks, but thankfully all are ok.

Charlie Santry made the trip north in what is his final meeting in the Ministox at Lochgelly Raceway and almost left with a hat trick of race wins – only coming 2nd behind Robbie Hamilton in the 2nd heat.

Jay Paterson had a good night and managed to pick up a 2nd place in the opening heat, as well as a 5th in the 2nd heat. Scott Allardyce returned to good form, picking up 3rd place in the opening heat of the night and 3rd place in the 2nd heat of the evening as well before crashing out of the meeting final.

Robbie Hamilton capped off a successful evening with a 3rd place in the meeting final after a great battle throughout the race. Kai Gilmour showed good speed throughout the night, but reliability issues meant he left without scoring any points on the night, whilst Rian Mitchell had one of his better meetings from red grade.

The 1300 Stock Cars were the final formula in action and the bumper brigade provided plenty of talking points throughout the night with a lot of good bumper action. Zak Gilmour was the driver in form, taking the opening two races of the night, both after an epic battle with Sean Naismith over the last 3-4 laps in each race, with both drivers refusing to give up the place.

Darren McAlpine had an outing in the 1300 stock cars for the first time in several years, and took the meeting final as the cars around him went to battle. Zak Gilmour was in the thick of the action, as he had a bit of a battle with William Stawiarski throughout the race, with ‘Stav’ having a pop at Gilmour, before Gilmour returned the compliment a few laps later. Sean Naismith took away a hat trick of 2nd places after finishing the final again in 2nd place, with Danny Whyte rounding off the top three.

We’re next in action at Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday July 20 as we host another ‘Coupe Car’ race for charity, as well as the Unlimited Banger Scottish Championship, Superstox Tom Michie Memorial, National Hot Rods WQR 1, Ministox and Prostocks.

Ensure you join us then!