THE Lochore Welfare Summer Darts League games on Friday night produced some pretty dominating form from some throwers.

There were no fewer than six 6-0 whitewash wins but there were some tight game also and even a draw!

It was a great night's darts with some good throwing.

Friday's results were, Group A C.Abercrombie 4-2 B.O'Hagan, Jack Macrae 4-2 J.Caulfield. Group B; C.McDonald 0-6 J.Munn, C.Cant 5-1 I.Ramage, G.Toynton 0-6 C.Mayne, J.Munn 5-1 Kevin O'Hagan.

Group C; G.Lambert 6-0 S.McShane, S.Mackie 1-5 P.Dickson,

Group D; J.Kirkland 3-3 J.Earley, J.Toynton 0-6 T.McMaihin, J.Aitchison 2-4 W.Ford, M.Whyte 6-0 J.Earley, J.Toynton 0-6 M.Whyte.

180’s: J.Munn, M.Whyte, Kevin O'Hagan, J.Caulfield, J.Aitchison.

Fastest Leg: M.Whyte 14-14-15, P.Dickson 15-16, J.Munn 17-18-19-17.

Highest Checkout: M.Whyte 144-95, J.Munn 135.

This week’s fixtures in the Welfare Summer League are: Group A; R.Carlin v W.King, Jack Macrae v C.Abercrombie, B.O'Hagan v J.Caulfield, D.Stein v W.King.

Group B C.Mayne v Kevin O'Hagan, J.Munn v I.Ramage, C.McDonald v C.Cant, C.Mayne v R.Hamill.

Group C G.Lambert v G.Deacon, Keiran O'Hagan v S.McShane, J.Watson v S.Mackie, G.Deacon v S.McShane, J.Watson v G.Deacon.

Group D M.Whyte v T.McMaihin, J.Kirkland v J.Aitchison, S.Farmer v J.Toynton, J.Earley v W.Ford, S.Farmer v T.McMaihin.