DOUGIE Anderson crashed, Nicole Russell was sent spinning and Kelty’s Andrew Wightman cadged a lift from Gordon Myers in another action packed meeting at Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday night.

There had been a good dice in the Prostocks Basics between Anderson and Martin Loggie with some side by side racing to keep the fans enthralled.

But on the last lap the cars touched, Anderson crashed heavily and was promptly collected by Loggie on the back straight.

This allowed Jack Robertson to somehow thread his way through the carnage to pick up his fourth win of the night.

There were bumps from the start of the meeting with Wightman shunted into the wall and somehow his car landed on the bonnet of the Myers car, suspending the race.

Graham Osborne and Callum Sturrock then ended their races with ominous clouds of smoke emitting from under the engine bay, while George Hendry dumped a lot of fluid onto the track which caused chaos, resulting in quite a few cars spinning out.

It was one of those nights for the Formula II drivers where there was the lowest turnout of cars – six – with drivers calling off for various reasons.

Cowdenbeath duo Craig and Paul Reid were the local drivers.

The first heat saw Chris Burgoyne go through to win from Liam Rennie and Steven Burgoyne with P. Reid fifth and C. Reid sixth.

In heat two he then won from S. Burgoyne and P. Reid with C. Reid again in sixth.

C. Reid led the final until around the half distance before losing out to Rennie. Once Rennie took the lead he went through to win from S Burgoyne and C. Burgoyne with P. Reid fifth and C. Reid sixth.

Burgoyne then won the Grand National from Daniel Scrimgeour, Rennie and C. Reid.

The 1300 Saloon drivers were contesting another round of their Gold Roof series with Fraser Clark leading from Charlie Folan and Scott Lindsell.

Andy Graham was having an outing in one of Jeff Cosans’ cars after being away from racing for some 19 years. There was a disaster for Gary Paterson who suffered a mechanical problem in the pits and never made the track. Local drivers were Graham (Cowdenbeath), Paterson (Saline), Kyle Hegg (Leslie), Callum McIvor (Inverkeithing), David Bowman (Anstruther), Gordon Myers (Dunfermline), Connor Whyte (Cowdenbeath), Sturrock (Saline) and Wightman (Kelty).

Whyte led the field away at the start to heat one but the race was then suspended after Wightman’s motor ended up on the bonnet of Myers’ car.

On the restart Whyte again led the field but Fraser Clark moved into the lead. Cameron Milne held on to second spot whilst towards the end of the race Hendry retired and dropped fluid onto the track. The cars behind slid and spun on the oil as Clark went through to win from Lindsell, Milne, McIvor and Bowman with Whyte seventh, Sturrock eighth and Graham tenth.

Whyte was again the early leader when heat two started but Clark surged ahead. Charlie Folan closed the gap, Folan forged ahead but couldn’t shake off Clark and when Sturrock dumped oil onto the track there was more trouble as the drivers searched for grip. Clark sent Folan spinning out of the race as he went through to pick up his second win of the night, leading home Lindsell and Bowman with Whyte sixth and Graham seventh.

McIvor bounced off the wall at the start of the final with Whyte leading the race from Milne. Folan was running just ahead of Clark and they moved ahead of Stu McCaig. Milne raced clear with Folan beginning to pull away from Clark.

As the laps dwindled Clark’s car slowed and he dropped down the order. Milne went on to win from Folan, McCaig, Lindsell and Bowman with Whyte seventh.

The winner and the first white top home each received a tyre from the sponsor GRP.

Milne then won the Allcomers race from Lindsell and McCaig with Bowman fifth, Whyte seventh and Graham ninth.

The Prostock Basic drivers had their second outing in as many weeks and there was a good turnout. Local drivers in action were Leven trio Graeme Dignan, David van Dieken and Martin Loggie, Tiffany Mills (Lochgelly), Cowdenbeath pair Dougie Anderson and Declan Lindsell, James Slater (Glenrothes) and Callum Rennie (Kinglassie).

The first heat saw Jack Robertson go straight into the lead from Slater whilst Nicole Russell was an early spinner. Robertson and Slater ran in close order for most of the race before Robertson went through to win from Slater, Loggie, Anderson and Lindsell with Rennie eighth and followed home by Mills and Dignan.

When heat two started it was Slater who led from Anderson whilst Robertson moved into third. The cars bunched going into the turnstile bend and it was Robertson who came out ahead from Loggie and John Rankin.

As the laps ran down Rankin moved into second spot and began to close in on Robertson. Loggie dived inside of Rankin but they couldn’t catch Robertson who picked up his second win with David Sher third, Slater fifth and ahead of Mills with Dignan ninth and Rennie tenth.

The final was suspended early on after John Galloway’s car came to a stop on the back straight. Alan Burden was in front with Robertson soon moving through into second place but when Burden clipped the wall the race was again suspended.

Robertson got away quickly but he had J. Rankin and then D. Sher following his every move. Rankin and Sher swapped places a couple of times but neither could find the line to get ahead of Robertson who went through to pick up a hat trick of wins with D. Sher second and Dignan in third ahead of Loggie with Rennie seventh and Lindsell tenth.

The Allcomers race was led by Anderson for most of the time but towards the end of the race he had been closed down by Loggie. They diced over the remainder of the race, running side by side for a few laps but on the last lap they bounced off each other on the main straight.

As Anderson went round the turnstile bend he suffered a puncture and crashed heavily into the wall. As he bounced off the wall he was collected by Loggie and this allowed Robertson to dive through to win from J. Rankin, D. Sher and Dignan with Lindsell eighth.

There were only a handful of bangers at the track with Callum Campbell winning heat one from Jon Taylor whilst Neil Naismith won heat two from Taylor and Campbell.

Gavin Fletcher (Dunfermline) brought his battered car back onto the track but during the race he was sent spinning on more than one occasion and his car was crabbing down the straights. Campbell picked up his second win of the night from Taylor with Fletcher somehow managing to finish in third.

This Saturday the 2 Litre Saloons are back in action along with the ORCi Stock Rods, Ministox and Micro F2s. The Formula IIs are down at Taunton where they are racing for their British Championship.

World Formula II Champion Gordon Moodie (Windygates) was racing his Formula II down south over the weekend and on the shale at Mildenhall ended up in third place in the final.

On Sunday he moved to Buxton to defend his world title and after winning a heat and being runner up in the other, went on to win the final.