THE rain stayed away on Saturday night but the slippery conditions led to plenty of spills and thrills at the stock car racing at Cowdenbeath Racewall.

The track was already wet and when a liberal coating of oil was dropped it got pretty treacherous for the drivers, especially for the new faces in the Prostock basics.

Kenneth Scollon made his 2 Litre Saloon debut whist Eck Cunningham was having his first outing of the season.

Simon Morris was back in the ORCi Stock Rods whilst Jack Robertson made his debut in the Prostock Basics a winning one.

The 2 Litre Saloons returned to the track after their numbers were down at King’s Lynn for their European Championship and the world ranking points will make a difference to some for the world final at the Racewall. At this stage pole goes to Diggy Smith with Deane Mayes alongside but lurking behind are Russell and Graeme Shevill on row 2. There is still time for the grid to change – hopefully with a Scottish driver on the front row.

Local drivers in the saloons were Raymond Dick (Glenrothes) and Leven duo Ross Watters and Alex Cunningham.

The first heat was led off by Brian Hogg Jnr but making a fast start was Kevin Letford who forced his way into the lead early on. Robin Copland moved into second with James Letford in third spot.

Paul Honeyman began to catch the leading group but as the flag dropped K. Letford was ahead of Copland with Honeyman just getting the better of J. Letford for third with Watters seventh. Hogg Jnr was the early leader when heat two started from Raymond Dick but K. Letford was soon through into third and then began to close on the leaders.

The last two laps were hectic but K. Letford managed to pick up his second win of the night when he finished ahead of Watters and Russell with Dick tenth.

Hogg Jnr got the final underway but next time around Dick was the leader but again K. Letford was quickly closing the gap and when he did take the lead he was looking for a hat trick.

However both J. Letford and Hogg Jnr’s cars stopped and the race was suspended. The field closed up behind K. Letford who led the field away but he was forced wide and it was Russell who led from Honeyman and Watters.

Things began to heat up as Russell was forced wide, allowing Honeyman to lead from Watters but next time around Watters was leading.

K. Letford was sent spinning but at the front Watters forced his way back into lead and through to win narrowly from Honeyman and Tam Rutherford Jnr snatching third on the last lap.

After their two day event last week it was pleasing to see 16 ORCi Stock Rod drivers appearing and despite having his car badly damaged the Scottish Champion James Gray was back in action. The track wasn’t particularly suited to non contact racing but the drivers served up three exciting races. Local drivers on the grid were Stuart McKinnon (Kincardine), Steve Gunby (Cupar), Kris Simpson (Methil), Liam McGill (Dysart), Dean McGill (East Wemyss), Scott Galbraith (Auchtermuchty), David Dignan (Leven) and Michael Bethune (Kirkcaldy).

When the first heat started Gunby led the field away but there was a coming together which saw cars delayed. Within a couple of laps L. McGill was the new leader but he then he lost out to Bethune and D. McGill.

Bethune began to ease away from the field to win but D. McGill had to fight to keep L. McGill in third spot with Galbraith eighth and ahead of McKinnon.

There was a hectic start to heat two with Simpson’s car suffering a steering failure and crashing out whilst Dignan’s car lost a back wheel. Jonathan Howe led the pack but lost out to Simon Morris.

Just as he was settling in to lead L. McGill shot through. Behind him Bethune, John McAllister and D. McGill were squabbling over second with the positions changing regularly. In the end L. McGill grabbed the win from Bethune, McAllister and D. McGill with Galbraith sixth.

When the final started Stewart was an immediate casualty when he clipped another car and broke his steering. Howe led from Morris with McKinnon spinning and D. McGill starting to limp around with a puncture.

Howe led from Dignan but when they touched Bethune slipped through into the lead. The last laps were exciting with Bethune trying to hold onto his lead as the others tried to better their result.

In the end he just held on to win from McAllister and L. McGill with Galbraith sixth and ahead of Dignan with McKinnon ninth and D. McGill tenth.

Amongst those racing in the Prostock Basics were newcomers James Slater and Robertson whilst the local drivers were Leven racers Jordan and Graeme Dignan, David van Dieken and Martin Loggie, as well as James Slater (Glenrothes), Dougie Anderson and Declan Lindsell (both Cowdenbeath), William Crawford (Kirkcaldy), Callum Rennie (Kinglassie) and Tiffany Mills (Lochgelly), Nicole Russell led the opening heat for a considerable time from Robertson and whilst they were clear their lead disappeared after Alistair Strachan’s car came to a stop on the main straight.

Russell led on the restart but then lost out to Robertson during the closing stages who then went through to win from Russell, Loggie, Crawford and J Dignan with van Dieken eighth, then Rennie and G. Dignan.

It was Loggie and Dougie Anderson who fought over the lead at the start to heat two with the latter spinning.

Loggie then built up a big lead but towards the end Robertson was eating into it but ran out of laps as Loggie won with David Sher in third and ahead of Crawford with G. Dignan seventh and followed in by Mills, Rennie and Slater.

Russell headed the field as they started the final from Galloway but they soon had Loggie driving around them to take the lead. By the time Robertson fought back to second place Loggie had a substantial lead.

Then disaster struck as oil was spilled on the track and the cars began to spin, depleting the field. Loggie carried on to pick up his second win of the night from D. Sher and Ben Sher with Slater fifth and ahead of Mills and Rennie with G. Dignan ninth and Anderson tenth.

The Prostock field wasn’t as big as hoped but their races proved to be interesting. Amongst those racing were Ian Christie (Kirkcaldy) and Jack Cameron (Methil).

Kevin Muir led in heat one, John Jackson took over only for his car to run into problems and it was Christie who took the win from John Mason and Craig Murray. Christie then went through to win the second heat from Sean Devine and Murray.

Muir led the cars away when the final started only to lose the lead to Jackson. Then in a series of incidents the field was depleted with a number of incidents leaving only four cars running.

In the end Finlay Davidson went through to win from Jackson and Robert Hamilton.

This Saturday the Formula II drivers return and they are backed by the 1300cc Saloons, the 2 Litre Banger drivers and the Prostock Basics. The 1300cc Saloon drivers have another round of their Gold Roof Series to contest with the action starting at 6pm.