THIS Friday sees the start of eight weeks of darts in Lochore Welfare Social Club when the Summer League commences.

All group matches take place in the first seven weeks, with four qualifiers from each group going forward into the finals on the eighth and the 16 non qualifiers taking part in a £50 consolation tournament.

The first week’s fixtures are as follows: Group (A) S.Izatt v R.Carlin, D.Stein v J.Caulfield, B.O'Hagan v Jack Macrae, C.Abercrombie v W.King.

Group (B) C.Izatt v C.Cant, C.McDonald v Kevin O'Hagan, R.Hamill v I.Ramage, G.Toynton v J.Munn.

Group (C) Keiran O'Hagan v J.Watson, J.Wilson v S.McShane, G.Deacon v S.Mackie, G.Lambert v P.Dickson.

Group (D) S.Farmer v J.Aitchison, J.Kirkland v J.Toynton, T.McMaihin v W.Ford, M.Whyte v S.Lister.