CRAIG Morgan's hand was raised once again as the Kelty boxer put on a show in Glasgow to remain unbeaten.

The 19-year-old landed his punches and his fourth win in a row in front of a packed crowd at the Emirates Arena.

Hundreds of his fans made the trip through from Fife and they watched on as their fighter beat Jose Aguilar in four rounds with a 40-36 win.

Craig told the Times that he was "on cloud nine" following the fight and dedicated the result to those who made the night even more special.

"It was the best feeling ever to celebrate with everyone who came through to support me," he said.

"I'm glad I could just put on a show for them. I'm chuffed to bits.

"I wanted to impress myself and my coach, but I wanted to impress them too as they were spending their money and giving up their time to watch me. It means a lot to me."

Everything went according to plan for the featherweight who earned plaudits on the night from fellow boxers, their coaches, those in attendance and an online audience watching the fight live on YouTube.

The Iceman remarked that he'll keep his cool and take the praise in his stride and continue to impress.

"I've got to keep grounded and stay humble," he commented.

"Receiving that praise and messages from people I've never met before does give you a buzz, but I've just got to keep training hard and taking things step-by-step.

"I was up against a journeyman fighter who has faced every type of boxer there is, so I knew it was going to be tough stepping into the ring with him.

"He wanted to draw me into a fight, but I just kept boxing, getting my shots in and getting out quickly.

"He was a tough boy, but I outclassed him in the end.

"Me and my coach (Billy Nelson) will now look at all the things I did wrong in the fight - my chin was too high at times - and work to make sure we ground those errors out.

"There's no point looking at all the things you done well, I've just got to keep improving and putting in the graft.

"It's all worth it. When I won the fight and went backstage around 130 Fifers came rushing through to celebrate with me. It was a really great night and it was probably one of my best performances so far."