THE games this week in the Lochgelly and District Darts League saw impressive wins for Red Goth and Shardy's B.

Last week’s results were, Red Goth 9-3 Brt B, Shardy’s B 9-3 Cleikum Inn, Welfare Club 4-8 West End Bar, Brt A 7-5 Shardy’s A.

180’s: P.Griggs, M.Wilson, J.Caulfield. Fastest Leg: S.McGaulley 17-18, D.Hunter 18, Kevin O’Hagan 18, J.Munn 19.

Highest Checkout: S.McGaulley 120, K.Drummond 120, A.Churchill 101.

This coming Friday see's the Triples take place in the Brt and Shardy’s.

In the Brt are, I.Ramage (Sel), B.Penman (Sel), G.Lambert (Sel), S.McShane (Sel), M.Wilson (Sel), D.Wilson (Sel), J.Blackwood (Sel), T.Churchill (Sel), P.Scade (Sel), D.Stein (Sel).

In Shardy’s are, K.Drummond (Sel), W.King (Sel), A.Reilly (Sel), C.Cant (Sel), J.Aitchison (Sel), S.McGaulley (Sel), S.Izatt (Sel), T.Mcmaihin (Sel), W.Glen (Sel).