THE Lochgelly and District Darts League's Senior Singles qualifiers took place on Friday with W.King and M.Wilson going through.

The Tam Faulds Junior Singles qualifiers were B.O'Hagan and M.Whyte.

180’s: T.Churchill. Highest Checkout: W.Ford 120, G.Penman 111, T.Churchill 102, M.Whyte 93. Fastest Leg: M.Wilson 15-19, A.Byrne 16-17, W.Ford 18, W.King 18, T.Churchill 20.

This coming Friday see’s the fives take place. In the Brt; W.Lorimer (Sel), K.McShane (Sel), G.Lambert (Sel), S.McShane (Sel), Jim Macrae (Sel), D.Stein (Sel), J.Munn (Sel), G.Deacon (Sel).

In the Welfare Club; J.Aitchison (Sel), K.Jones (Sel), S.Carty (Sel), D.Adam (Sel), J.Watson (Sel), S.Farmer (Sel), B.Penman (Sel).