AS the 2019 the season gets ever closer Broad Street Bowling Club will hold their six monthly meeting on Sunday March 6 at 12 noon.

members are asked to remember the 6 monthly meeting

The skips for the coming season will be selected at this and also external representatives so the club committee are hoping for a good attendance.

The successful bowlers from last season at Broad Street were, Gents, Reid Cup (championship) 1 A.Ramsay; RU C.Watson. Cowan Cup 1 C.Watson; RU A.Ramsay. Dunlop Trophy A.Ramsay; 2 I.Adamson. Dickie Thomson Trophy 1 A.Ramsay; RU A.Nelson. Tom Kelly Trophy 1 A.Ramsay; RU I.Adamson. Chris Gilruth Trophy K.Watson; RU I Adamson. Nomination Pairs 1 J.Crawford and K Delaney; RU A Ramsay and C Watson. 2 bowl pairs K.Watson and J Duff; RU A.Nelson and J Crawford.

Mixed Pairs Mrs C.Jeffrey and D Campbell; RU Miss J.Stark and L Hunter. External winners West Fife single hand 1 C.Watson. West Fife Scotcastle triples K.Watson, A.Nelson, J.Crawford.

Ladies, Championship J.Stark; RU C.Jeffrey. Bowie Cup 1 J.Stark; RU M.Watkins. Dunlop Trophy 1 C.Jeffrey; 2 B.Johnstone. Presidents Trophy 1 B.Johnstone; RU M.Watkins. 4 Bowl Pairs 1 B Johnstone and E Penman; RU C Jeffrey and K Henderson. Nomination Pairs M.Watkins and E Penman; RU C.Jeffrey and B Johnstone. External winners Fife Ladies Fours E.Penman, H.Reid, B.Johnstone, C.Jeffrey.