THE games in the Lochgelly and District Darts League on Friday saw BRT A in great form as were the Red Goth.

Friday's full results were, Welfare Club 2 Brt A 10, Brt B 6 Shardy’s A 6, Red Goth 10 Cleikum Inn 2, Shardy’s B 4 West End Bar 8.

180’s: A.Snaddon, P.Griggs, J.Kirkland, C.Abercrombie, S.McGaulley, M.Wilson. Highest Checkout: P.Scade 152, J.Munn 128, C.Morgan 117, G.Deacon 113-76, Jack Macrae 107, D.Wilson 104.

Fastest Leg: S.McGaulley 13-16, J.Munn 18-21, K.Drummond 18, Jack Macrae 18, P.Scade 18, S.Farmer 19-21, P.Griggs 19, D.Wilson 19, M.Wilson 19, K.Jones 20, C.Abercrombie 21-21.

Grampian v Fife County result, Grampian 18 Fife 10. Ladies B Grampian 2-2 Fife, Men’s B Grampian 4-2 Fife, Ladies A Grampian 4-2 Fife, Men’s A Grampian 8-4 Fife.

This coming Friday’s fixtures are, Senior Singles, in the West End Bar; Jim Macrae, F.Hamilton, T.Churchill, S.Izatt, A.Watson, C.Conners, B.Duncan, B.Mellon, W.Burns, D.McShane, G.Lambert, A.Duncan, A.McShane, W.King, D.Adam, D.Wilson, W.Lorimer, D.Lister, T.Drummond, J.Lister, B.Baxter, F.Hepburn Snr, M.Kelly, G.Penman.

In Shardy’s, M.Wilson, B.Penman, K.Jones, I.Ramage, A.Brand, W.Glen, K.Smith, D.Hunter, Jim Notman, R.Waterson, Don Anderson, D.Stein, W.Abrahams, J.Kirkland, C.Abercrombie, T.Faulds, W.Ford, T.McMaihin, S.Byrne, P.Munn, W.Harper, J.Bell, J.Aitchison.

The Junior Singles entries in the Cleikum Inn, B.O'Hagan, J.Munn, L.Morgan, A.Barr, R.Carlin, D.Hughes, O.Ross, D.Giblin, J.Watson, M.Whyte, Aaron Byrne, Sam McShane, Ross Hamill, B.Spence, Jack Macrae, J.Toynton, E.McNiel.

Congratulations went to A Jeffery/C Nicoll (Diamonds Bar) on winning the Cowdenbeath and District Darts Association Two Man Team event, defeating C Mellon and B Taranawski (Crossguns).

Beaten semi-finalists were M Kilpatrick and K Heron (Birch), and D McLaren/I Paterson (Crystal).

Thanks went to all who took part, Agnes once again for the venue and Alan Simpson for running the competition and finally, and apologies as Colin Hepplewhite wasn't there, but whoever sold the fan card, he says 'thank you'.