FRIDAY'S Lochgelly and District Darts League's competition saw the Lochgelly Cup Single.

Congratulations went to Jamie Munn on winning the Lochgelly Cup by beating Paul Scade 3-1 in the final.

180’s came from: J.Munn (3), Jack Macrae, Keiran O’Hagan, A.Snaddon and M.Wilson.

Highest Checkout: Kevin O’Hagan 121-114, C.Abercrombie 108.

Fastest Leg: M.Wilson 15-15, M.Whyte 16-19, S.McGauley 17, Jack Macrae 21.

Lochgelly are at home against Kirkcaldy (B) in the Fife Super-League this Thursday Night in the Cleikum Inn, Ballingry.

This coming Friday's league fixtures are, Red Goth v Welfare Club, West End Bar v Cleikum Inn, Brt B v Brt A, Shardy’s A v Shardy’s B.