COWDENBEATH FC were very much involved in the meeting at Hampden on Monday to discuss the formation of a SPFL League 3.

The meeting, involving League 1 and League 2 clubs was to air the idea of the formation of a fifth division in the senior structure which would be formed by four clubs from the Lowland League, four from the Highland League and two from the Colts teams of Rangers and Celtic.

The Pyramid trap door would move from the foot of League 2 to the foot of League 3 with a way of moving up the league ladder still there for teams from the remainder of the Highland League and Lowland League.

Cowdenbeath were represented by director David Allan who said before going to Hampden: "This is about increasing the size of the league structure with an extra division, including four Highland League teams and four Lowland League sides as well as including the Colts sides from four SPL Premiership clubs.

"We are not sure that there are four Highland League clubs wishing to join the set-up and how the Colts sides would fair is another question, as a couple did reasonably well in the Betfred Cup, but others suffered heavy defeats.

"It is seen as a new part of the Pyramid system and there are people in the SPFL who want to see it in place for next season, but at this stage we are not in favour of it."